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GLMame v 0.92 Mame Display Driver

Sven Goethel

MAME License

Based upon GLmame v0.6 driver for xmame, written by Mike Oliphant

peace, sven

  01/December/2001 GLMame OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.92
  	o clean up: glvec.c again 

	o added 2 new options for vector games:

	  -[no]glantialiasvec, -[no]glaav , default true !
	   Enable/disable vector antialiasing
	   (otherwise 16bpp opengl displays looks kinda bad ..)

	  -[no]gldrawbitmapvec, -[no]glbitmapv, default true
	   Enable/Disable the drawing of the bitmap only for vector games - speedup
	   (remember, you can also toggle this via RALT-O)

	o  added vector flickering ;-)

	o because of the buggy dirty-code,
	  i recommend you use -nodirty for opengl as default ..

  27/November/2001 GLMame OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.91
  	o clean up: glvec.c, glgen.c 

	o removed gldirty.[ch]
	  added functionality to glgen.c

	o added new dirty strategie to glgen's texture handling ..
	  as for mplayer ;-)
	  WARNING: still needs -nodirty flag for some games,
	  like atetris !

	o still don't know how to handle effect's .. ! HELP !

	o WARNING: modified src/cpu/v60/v60.c to being compiled
	  under PPC architecture !

  18/November/2001 GLMame OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.90
        - true color vector game bug (all vector game colors are true since 0.5x.y)

        - using blit.h for 16bpp colorIndex mapping only,
          e.g. true color games don't need it .. (xexex, shocking, ..)
          -> useColorBlitter !

        - added an own texture memory with BITMAP_SAFETY's,
          if using useColorBlitter !

        - removed color bpp "guessing" - this fixes some neogeo problems ..

  20/August/2001 GLMame OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.88
  	o changed to the new png usage

	o INFO: I kept the 8bpp color-table stuff for now,
	        but the base mame 0.53 does not support it anymore !

  13/July/2001 GLMame   OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.87
	o tested xmam.xgl with LinuxPPC 
         (Powerbook) + ATI-Rage128 + XFree86 4.1 + DRI 
	  ! SUCCESS !

	  Use options: "-noglext78 -noglaa" or "-bpp 16 -noglaa",
	  where the latter is a bit slower for me (about 5fps)

	o changed GLboolean -> int,
	  because of Linux-PPC problems ..

  05/May/2001 GLMame   OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.86
  	o Added option:
		- glres x

          Always scale games to XresxYres, 
	  keeping their aspect ratio. This overrides the scale options.

	  This is e.g. necessary, if you run xmame.xgl under 
	  a Vodoo1 gfx card, which only allows you a 640x480 fullscreen
	  "window" ;-) - but your desktop runs under a different resolution.

  04/April/2001 GLMame   OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.85
  	o recreated general purpose opengl modules:
		- gltool.[ch]
		- glxtool.[ch]
		- glcaps.[ch]
	  these are now licensed under the LGPL _and_ the MAME license !
	  (I am the creator and copyright holder .. so ..)

	o fixed glxtool modules
		- segmentation fault, due to NULL pix pointer
		- bug fixed fall back method ..
		- extended finding appropiate visual, falling back ..

        o Last but not least, you can use gltool's feature of
          specifying the GL/GLU library names by the systems
          environment variables:
                GLTOOL_USE_GLLIB        - OpenGL library name
                GLTOOL_USE_GLULIB       - GLU    library name
          these environment variables does _always_ overrides
          any given ones !

  01/April/2001 GLMame   OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.84
	o fixed vector module
		- flickering and "now show" is now avoided,
		  e.g. in mhavoc (flicker), warrior(no show), 
		          spacewar(no show), ...

  29/March/2001 GLMame   OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.83
	o fixed cmdline options ..

	o fixed documentation

	o fixed info printouts (-DGLDEBUG)

  28/March/2001 GLMame   OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.82
  	o Fixed vector module
	  - resize, and a little new arrangement to fix begin/end

	o new cmdline options ..

  28/March/2001 GLMame   OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.81
  	o Fixed vector module

	  - now you can play vector games with 16bpp either,
	    but do not complain the speed ;-)

	    You can toggle drawing the overlayed bitmaps, 
	    while pressing "RALT-O"

  27/March/2001 GLMame   OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.80
  	o Added 15bpp & 32bpp true color support
		- Both modes uses std. opengl direct texture mapping
		- You can additionally add a blitter run for nonsense,
		  Via cmdline option "-glblit"

	  Let me say: "Yeahh... "
	  This easy solution you can follow in glgen.c costs me nerves ..
	  But you need OpenGL >= 1.2, well .. of course ..

	o Added 16bpp color index mode
		- This modes uses a blitter run, to 
		  exchange the indices <-> colors from lookup table
		  within the opengl texture.
		  We only need it at the original size.

		- If your graphic's card opengl colortable mapping
		  does not work nice,
		  you can now call xgl with "-bpp 16", and the blitter
		  code is used for color mapping !

		  Everything else (zoom, filter, cabinet) is still
		  done by opengl.

	  After getting crazy about this color mode
	  (mk ran without indices lookup .. with _nearly_ correct colors),
	  i looked at SDL.c and took the blitter :-), for the conversion.

	  By the way, .. it was impossible to use OpenGL's colormapping
	  for colortables > 256, neither with Mesa 3.4 nor with nvidia.
	  So this old mode is reserved for the best ever games ;-)
	  		      pacman, mr do, ..

	o Added opengl snapshoot via std. F12 (-> png)
	  But be aware, the current window size is being used ;-)
	  with RGB mode !

	  If you complain on colors now, 
	  make a screenshot.
	  But I am a bit colorblind (red/green),
	  so don't hit me :-))
	  (yes, i have tested the rgb(a) mapping via the colormaps ..)

	o The fullscreen (R-ALT+F) key does now toggle
	  between full- and windowscreen.

	o Added a startup "hack" within unix/main.c,
	  where i try to find the games nicest 
	  full color - low color depth size.
	  Be aware, the games do not start at 8bpp now,
	  if they are colorfull.

	  This only works, if you do not use the "-bpp" cmdline option

	o Many bugfixes and cleanup,
	  so new bugs are in :-))

  23/March/2001 GLMame   OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.74
  	o Bugfixed the cmdline argument handling "-cabinet"
		- previously, the argument was simply ignored ..
		- misc cabinet bugfixes ..

	o Added new elements for the cabinet syntax (cabv1.1): 
		- pointsize  (-> glPointSize() )
		- begin points      (-> glBegin(GL_POINTS) )

	o Created and added my cabinet (glmamejau) and 
	  use it as the default ..

	  You can now simply add your 256x64 jpeg banner
	  to your mame cabinet :-)
	o updated sgml documentation ..

	o switched back frm "glColorSubTableEXT" to "glColorTableEXT",
	  may be this can help somebody .. (i do not think so)

  22/March/2001 GLMame   OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.73
  	o Updated the doc/xmame-doc.sgml root documentation,
	  to respect the new xmame.xgl

	  Added a little script, named makedoc.sh, to produce
	  all the destination documentation !

  	o Added runtime toggle's for opengl options with keyboard input

	  KEYCODE_RALT + KEYCODE_A        := toggle antialias       (vector)
	  KEYCODE_RALT + KEYCODE_B        := toggle bilinear        (raster)
	  KEYCODE_RALT + KEYCODE_C        := toggle cabinet mode    (both)
	  KEYCODE_RALT + KEYCODE_F        := switch to fullscreen   (both)
	  KEYCODE_RALT + KEYCODE_O        := toggle draw-bitmap     (both)
	  KEYCODE_RALT + KEYCODE_T        := toggle phosphor trails (vector)
	  KEYCODE_RALT + KEYCODE_PLUS_PAD := incr. beam size        (vector)
	  KEYCODE_RALT + KEYCODE_MINUS_PAD:= decr. beam size        (vector)

	o The OpenGL (xgl) cmdline options are (unchanged since 0.71):

  *** OpenGL Related ***
  -[no]fullscreen                Start fullscreen
  -[no]gldblbuffer               Enable/disable double buffering
  -gltexture_size           Force the max width and height of one texture
                                 segment (default: autosize)
  -[no]glext                     Force the usage of gl extensions (default:
  -[no]glbilinear / -[no]glbilin Enable/disable bilinear filtering
  -glbeam                 Set the beam size for vector games
  -[no]glalphablending /         Enable/disable alphablending (default: try
  -[no]glalpha                   alphablending)
  -[no]glantialias / -[no]glaa   Enable/disable antialiasing
  -gllod                    level of bitmap-texture detail
  -gllibname / -gllib    Choose the dynamically loaded OpenGL Library
                                 (default libGL.so)
  -glulibname / -glulib  Choose the dynamically loaded GLU Library
                                 (default libGLU.so)
  -[no]cabview                   Start/ don't start in cabinet view mode
  -cabinet               Specify which cabinet model to use

  22/March/2001 GLMame   OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.72
  	o Added a fallback visual attribute fetch algo
	  this is done with (a modified gl4java module)
	  the new glxtool.c's functions !

	  This is important to fallback to lower visual capabilites ..

	o Now the glcontext is bound to the window !!
	  .. not the root window or NULL :-)

  21/March/2001 GLMame   OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.71
  	o Fetching all GL, GLU and GLX functions dynamically
	  	- I use a compiler for these stubs, 
		  which I have implemented for the project 
		  "OpenGL for Java" (gl4java)

	o Choosing the GL and GLU library at runtime (commandline argument)

	o Some misc. bugfixes ..

  	o Changed this file from 
	  "doc/ChangeLog-GLMame.txt" to "doc/changes.opengl"

  	o Alpha is used for default

	o Alpha & db-buffer is checked

	o Split texture work's now,
	  e.g. you have an vodoo card with max texture size = 256,
	  so more than one textures must be used, if bitmap > 256 !

	O The non OpenGL Extension Mode works now (is tested) 

	o Changed runtime options

	o Changed compiler options
		- only if the compiler define 'GLDEBUG'
		  is set, NDEBUG is not set ;-)

		  if you want to have some opengl related debug output,
		  recompile with 'GLDEBUG' !

  	o Vector:
		- onscreen (osd) menu cleanup
		- fixed LINE_WIDTH == 0 (e.g. tacscan ..)
		- now using (runtime config)
			- intensity & gamma

	o Compiler options:
		No more used:
			-GLLIBS= -lGL -lGLU  (!! important !!)
			-GLLIBS= -ldl (!! important !!)
				Enables (more) OpenGL related (debug) info's,
				included runtime gl-error check's ..

  12/March/2001 GLMame   OpenGL-Display-Driver Version 0.7

  General Changes
	o Merge back to xmame
		- is used xmame 0.37b12.1pre3

	o Cleanup

	o All OpenGL specific changes i have done for the GLMame32 version
	  are present within this version !

	  - no memcpy
	  - direct mame bitmap usage
	  - eff. color buffer
	  - dynamical query of
	  	- glColorTableEXT
		- texture size
	  - many more .. (see below)

  ToDo (?!):

  	o fix vectorgame's gl display
		- some bitmaps, etc. are not shown

	o if more than one texture is used for the bitmap presentation,
	  only the very first is rendered ...
	  i don't now what's the damn problem, i have tested it a long time.
	  please help ..

	  usually today's gfx cards does support big enough texture sizes

	  you can test this bug e.g. with the option:
	  	xmame.xgl -gltexture_size 128
	  where the texture size is forced to 128x128, so more than one
	  texture is needed ..

	o add png save of the gl rendere frame

	o add mac port ?

	o backport to win32 (partial included -> cleanup) ..


  	o for debug purpose, just edit glmame.h and undef NDEBUG
	  in this case many info printf's are shown up :-)

  20/March/2000 GLMame32 Version 36rc2 OpenGL-Display-AddOn 1.3beta

  General Changes

	o Taken Windows-Source-Base from Mame32-36b16 !

	o Taken MAME Source Mame 36rc2 !

  Mame32 integration

	o Now GLMame32 just adds the OpenGL display driver !

	o Vector Games are support for OpenGL only in this Version !

	o the '#define xgl' exists everywhere in the source,
	  except of the Ressource Files :-(

  OpenGL Changes

	o Because of the lower changes, 
          the performance should be increased ...

	o Now useing normal coordinates [0.0-1.0].

	o The vector implementation is bug-fixed,
          and is able to show the bitmap for options etc.
	  The artwork bitmap still does not work ... but is coming !
	  The Fullscreen mode for vectors has the correct aspect-ration now !

	o The color allocation is bug-fixed,
          so the "disclaimer" where you have to say OK the first time
	  is viewabel !
	  Also the color sheme should accept high color games now ...

  15/June/1999 GLMame32 Version 35rc1 OpenGL-Display-AddOn 1.2

  General Changes

	o Taken Windows-Source-Base from Mame32-35b13 !

	o Taken MAME Source Mame 35rc1

  Mame32 integration

	o Now GLMame32 is compiled with MSVC 6.0

	o Now GLMame32 just adds the OpenGL display driver,
	  - the others are still available !
	  - you can choose OpenGL within the properties.advanced dialog-box.

	o The following values are transparent to the main Mame32
	  and are saved into the config-file:
		alpha, gamma, OpenGL-Usage, automatic-fps, skip-fps,

	o osd_pause is implemented

	o the auto-pause mechanism has changed a bit (implementation).

	o the '#define xgl' exists sometimes in the source,
          but in a way of hurry - it is not used consitency.

	o the opengl-part supports png-files, but just the
	  poor mame-bitmap quality :-( yet !

  OpenGL Changes

	o getting PIXELFORMAT with depth 16 bits as default

	o IF alphablending == FALSE
		- Only RGB rendering is done, the Alpha-Channel is dropped !
		- Alpha will modify the RGB intensity !

	o The maximal texture-size is tested and used,
	  so the bitmap may be displayed within more than one
	  This is a must for OpenGL hardware with a restricted texture size !
	  The texture-size of each testure is equal, but only the 
	  viewable part is watchable.
	  The width and height is tested in a way, 
	  so they can be different.
	  The test algorythm tests till the texture-proxy allows
	  the settings :-)

	o The maximal texture width and height can be forced to a spec. value !
	  Of course the used value is adapted to 2**n=size :-) !

	o the opengl-part supports png-files, but just the
	  poor mame-bitmap quality :-( yet !

	o while setting properties.misc.error_log to true, 
	  you can read the file 'glmame32_stderr.log' for information
	  about some opengl-metrics and the opengl-vendor !
	  The log file catches the info of the last game-run !

  15/May/1999 GLMame32 Version 35b12 OpenGL-Display-Only 1.1

	o Using the original bitmap in ONE texture-buffer !
		- So the *_create_display and *_new_bitmap is patched !
		- Using the true view size, to update the texture

	o if the EXT functions is not their, the other one works !
	  - The non EXT function for Color-Index works,
		but - of course - it is _very_ slow !
	  - The non EXT function for color index can be used,
		while toggeling the flag in the GL-status dialog.
		Be aware of broken OpenGL drivers ...
		... the ELSA driver for Gloria L/MX frozes my NT-machine :-(,
		so i use 3DLabs now (faster for Quake2 anyway ...).
	  - The non EXT support works only from this version on !

	o Using the true color number for the palette

	o Using the right component size of the bitmap

	o using the alpha values for brightness

	o added win32 function to load the EXT functions !

	o added snapshot support for:
		- BMP (Win32 only)
		- PPM (Win32 and all the others - now it works :)
		- JPG (why not - but the quality is poor ..)