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  This version is obsolete and is no more under development !

  I have created a new version, with the priority to run with


  Latest patches regarding the opengl display driver
  to this version can be optained here:


  The design of the new mame opengl display driver,
  is to support many platforms in the near future.

  GLMame32 Version 35rc1 OpenGL-Display-AddOn 1.2

OpenGL display version for the Windows32 M.A.M.E. version !

You should have an accelerated OpenGL driver 
to enjoy !

The source files are also included, as a diff to
xmame, mame32 and mame to version 34 ! 

glmame32b-v35rc1.zip contains the Win32 precompiled GLMame32 V35rc1 !
glmame32s-v35rc1.zip contains the source diff !

These files are distribute under the M.A.M.E. LICENSE !

The unix version works ... hmmm .. but without the EXT functions,
it is too slow !

Also i did not manage to run the Vodoo-1 on an Win95 or WinNT
computer with neither the mini-GL-client, nor the OpenGL beta 2.1 by 3Dfx !

Look at: http://mame.retrogames.com

Sven Goethel