JauHtmlBrowserFrame Version 0.3 (18.1.1999)

A complete HtmlBrowser Frame with UI elements:

  • Exit
  • Back
  • Forward
  • URL-ComboBox
  • StatusLine
  • This class is inside the jau-package !


    You can test it remote, e.g.:

    >appletviewer http://www.jausoft.com/Files/Java/1.1.X/JauPackage/jau/tests/JauBrowser/JauHtmlBrowser.html

    or you can test it localy (download jau.jar):

    >java jau.awt.JauHtmlBrowserFrame [<any url you want>]

    All features are realised with jau-package Version 2 (License: LGPL) !

    You need a Java2, or Java >= 1.1.5 cabable browser (e.g.: Netscape 4.5) AND Swing 1.1, or better use the Java2 Plug-In !