BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
addPrefixParameterBug 1760621: Rearrange SVN for 2 independent projectscarnold12 years
addPrefixParameter@119Branching mainline change out to a branch before revernting mainline.slip_stream12 years
addPrefixParameter@78Made changes to support a prefix for output libraries. Previously lib would ...slip_stream12 years
masterAdd java major version checks for generated class filesSven Gothel5 years
cpptasks-1.0b5commit 65df50edec...carnold11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-06-18Add java major version checks for generated class filesHEADmasterSven Gothel1-0/+29
2014-06-18Add support for GccLinker option '-static-libstdc++'Sven Gothel3-11/+11
2013-10-24Fix Bug 871 - Add optional xcode.clang support for all modules (Extends Bug 8...Sven Gothel63-374/+601
2013-10-24Whitespaces only ..Sven Gothel2-16/+16
2013-10-24Fix Eclipse setup (Add local xercesImpl, and fix source path) - Yes, it won't...Sven Gothel2-7/+3
2013-09-13Complete 2cdd1070056c0f7e9dc7f40de19c2bfdfef0432a: Add 'clang' and 'clang++' ...Sven Gothel1-10/+22
2013-09-13Add .gitignoreSven Gothel1-0/+2
2013-09-12Add Ant to Eclipse project classpath; Compile sourc/target java level 1.6Sven Gothel2-3/+4
2013-09-12Add 'clang' and 'clang++' support (compiler/linker)Sven Gothel5-9/+49
2013-09-12Add Eclipse project filesSven Gothel2-0/+40