Frequency Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is Jausoft ?
Jausoft is a one man personal Software-Company, driven by me, myself an I.

Jau is my nickname. There is only one Jau.
That's it, that's all, solo, single, no more, no less ;-)

Also Jausoft has a lot of friends and companies,
which can be involved for big projects.

Makes Jausoft commercial  business?
Yes - but more than this !
I do a lot of (L)GPL licensed stuff like:

So -Jausoft does
work on a lot of different commercial and non-commercial projects.

What about Life, Hip Hop, Free Software and Peace ?
It is a way of life.

	Hip Hop is not some abstract idea 
	that is over there somewhere distant from yourself or from yourselves. 
	It is not something you must align yourself with or represent or be true,
	to eliminate the distance between you and hip hop, you and God and me. 
	You are not just doing hip hop, you are hip hop. 
	When we recognize that our expressions are just as real 
	as our arm and legs, 
	we will come to understand the secret knowledge of cause and effect. 
	As you are, so hip hop is. 
	Let us be hip hop. 
	Let us stop worshipping God and be God. 
	And talk like God and act like God. Eat what God would eat. 
	See yourself and others as manifestations 
	of the same cosmic consciousness. 
	These are the first principles of hip hop.


IMHO, the Free Software (Open Source) community is somehow an equivalent of hip hop !

Just for a little bit of attitude, _not_ to be fanatic - of course ;-)


Last Updated on 18th July 2001