GLMame32 V36rc2 OpenGL-Driver 1.3 Beta1

Sven Gothel

GLMame32 supports M.A.M.E. on WIN32 with an OpenGL-Display !

This email from Chuck Cochems reached me about using GLMame32 with a Vodoo Card:
Subject: I got it to work:)
From: Chuck Cochems 

Here's how.

Download the "quake 3 compatible drivers"

Don't install them, but place the 3dfxogl.dll in the mame directory,
called "opengl32.dll"

Set your desktop to 16-bit color.

Now it will render raster games in a window, and out of a window.
Results may vary, but I have good sucess with alpha blending off,
bilinear filtering on, gl_ext on...

Last Updated on 20 March 2000