OpenGLTM for JavaTM / Overview / Historie

The Pre-GL4Java OpenGL Language Mappings


The OpenGL interface for Java work was started by Leo Chan [].
He implemented the library for Java 1.0.2 with its pre JNI native mechanism.
The native and the java glue for OpenGL was written by hand and so, it wasn't complete.


Leo Chan's works was continued by Adam King[OpenGL4Java].
This version was able to be compiled with Java 1.1 and the
OpenGL-Rendering is done in the callers Java-Frame.
The native and java glue for OpenGL was still implemented by hand and used the pre JNI mechanism.

(about) 04/1997 - 12/1997

Tommy Reilly[Jogl] participated to Adam King's work and the project's title changed to Jogl. Jogl's big points lies in it's
powerfull autoconfig and in it's improved X-Window System functions - so mostly all Unices are supported. Another point is
the Win32 support. Sources and a precompiled dll were distributed.
Jogl uses the new Java 1.1 JNI mechnism, the native and java glue for OpenGL was still implemented by hand.
Like the prerequisite versions, Jogl's API differs from the "C" OpenGL naming convention.

03/1997 - Today

GL4Java is based upon Leo Chan's work and is developed parallel to Jogl.
It uses - as Jogl does - the JDK 1.1. JNI mechanism.
After getting in touch with Tommy Reilly, Jogl and GL4Java shared a few ressources.
The further development of Jogl  stops, so GL4Java is the only active remaining successor of the first original approach.
GL4Java extends / differs from all the above implementations: