OpenGLTM for JavaTM / Thanxs


The GNU & GNU/Linux community, and all the brave folks, who
wrote open sourced free (L)GPL'ed software.
Without them, a project like this is impossible !

Leo Chan for porting the OpenGL library to java the first time !

Adam King for porting Leo Changs version to integrate
the OpenGL-Rendering into the Java-Frame !

Tommy Reilly for participating and much improvements

Atilla Kolac for participating in GL4Java while his and mine
diploma thesis work.

Leung Yau Wai for debugging Win32 !

Eloi Maduell for keeping me working on the Netscape support
and his texture examples.

Lee Elson & Odell Reynolds (both NASA)
for makeing the source code more compatible
and creating binaries for other unices.

Gerard Ziemski for porting GL4Java to the MACintosh !

Ron Cemer (
for start porting GL4Java to the MS-JVM
and writing the 1st version of the INSTALLER !

Pontus Lidman (Mathcore) for adding
GLUT Font support for GL4Java ! for paying me a fee,
to support offscreen rendering and swing integration
and for being most patient, while I work for this product ! !

Max Gilead, for maintaining the FAQ and answering so many
questions in the mailinglist, and ...

Ervin Vervaet (Java MD3 Viewer), Max Gilead (Fictor),
Aetius (SurfaceGL), Jean-Yves BRUD, and many others
- for helping being GL4Java bug clean.

E3Futura & TeatreSoft for inviting me to the (2k)
and makes my appearance to it possible.

Moises Ferrer Ramirez ( for
creating the nice & cool OpenGLTM for JavaTM Logo !

Kenneth B. Russell, for motivating and participate in
Implementing JDK's 1.3 JAWT feature and
the new GLDrawable/GLEventListener model, and much more !

And all the many others, who are not named here !