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This folder contains mostly older projects, lead by Sven Gothel. They are probably unmaintained and exists here merely for reference. +++ All files are licensed under the 'New BSD 2-Clause-License' if not stated otherwise for any directory or file. Copyright (C) 1999, 2019 Gothel Software e.K. BSD-Public-License This means, you can use the binaries AND the sources for your convinience (private and commercial) - BUT you MUST add the following license tag in your software (sources - binaries): ********************************************************* This part is developed under the BSD-Public-License by : Gothel Software e.K. http://www.jausoft.com mailto:license@jausoft.com ********************************************************* - Thank you for downloading. Any responses via email are welcome ! Gothel Software e.K., Goethestr. 1, 27576 Bremerhaven, Germany mailto:info@jausoft.com Qun Gothel, Bremerhaven, 18th April 2019