Chase, Scatter and Phantoms – Sisyphus alike Ghost Fate

Earlier this year, we required a true distraction from the chaos of this world and a sad tragedy in our closer circle. What would have been more rewarding for a little recovery than indulging oneself with game theory, paying homage to Toru Iwatani‘s classic Puckman? Both my sons loved the idea and we added this work to our little cs-class. My older one was eager to learn how the math behind the ghosts works. Euclidian geometry, Pythagoras, points and vectors .. plus the strategy of choosing targets WoW! 😉 We completed the little fun endeavor using C++17 and the SDL2 library, resulting in a working nostalgic re-implementation.

At the bottom of this article I have placed a little video recording, partially demonstrating the results. Continue reading “Chase, Scatter and Phantoms – Sisyphus alike Ghost Fate”

GraphUI CSS Style Layout, Fonts & More ..

Continuing the Graph Type Rendering and UI saga with some functional updates. Here our new CSS alike Grid and Box Layout as well a glimpse into the migrated symbol fonts via our FontView01. You may also check our Bugzilla in regards to GraphUI or for the JOGL / Graph module as well as the easier to access wiki page of ours.

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GraphUI Type & Shape Animation at your Fingertips

Finished a little over the weekend animation work with AnimGroup (main commit), continuing the Graph Type Rendering and UI saga.

UISceneDemo03 demonstrates AnimGroup capabilities:

  • Two repetitive steady scrolling text lines. One text shorter than the line-width and one longer
  • One line of animated rectangles, rotating around their z-axis and accelerating towards their target
  • A text animation assembling one line of text, each glyph coming from a random 3D point moving to its destination all at once including rotation.
  • One line of text with sine wave animation flattening and accelerating towards its target

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GlueGen Compiler Updates

GlueGen is a compiler for function and data-structure declarations, generating Java™ and JNI C code offline at compile time and allows using native libraries within your Java™ application. GlueGen is used for the JogAmp projects JOAL, JOGL and JOCL besides others. We have added Java™ callbacks, enhanced compound struct access, bumped the Java™ source language level and updated the documentation. Continue reading “GlueGen Compiler Updates”

JOAL/OpenAL + GraphUI: Spatial Sound in your UI & JogAmp v2.5.0 Notes

While working on JogAmp v2.5.0 release and updating supported MacOS versions as well as fixing Hi-DPI for AWT and NEWT, some love has been given to our OpenAL-Soft integration to JOAL and JOAL itself. JOAL’s git-repo about face as well as its project websites displays our bump to OpenAL-Soft v1.23.1 with listed audio-backends per platform. Synthesizers and utilizing spatial sound within our GraphUI were the next logical steps. Continue reading “JOAL/OpenAL + GraphUI: Spatial Sound in your UI & JogAmp v2.5.0 Notes”

GraphUI – FontView App (Micro FontForge)

Refining the UI elements in our Graph Type Rendering and UI saga, pushing demos and apps for use cases. This time its FontView01, which may become a micro FontForge using it as its role model. It also demonstrate that our GraphUI scenegraph allows reusing instances, rendering it effectively a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG). Continue reading “GraphUI – FontView App (Micro FontForge)”

GraphUI – Type Animation Update 2

Happy Easter and the Graph Type Rendering and UI Saga continues. First I completed a big general JOGL overhaul of the matrix and vector math now using Matrix4f within a rewritten PMVMatrix to help performance and of course also boost our GraphUI readability. Then I fixed some interactive rotation issue with GraphUI shape and enhanced the new Group Container. Continue reading “GraphUI – Type Animation Update 2”

GraphUI – Type Animation Update 1

The Graph Type Rendering and UI Saga continues. UISceneDemo03 update using the new GraphUI GlyphShape, handling string processing into a list of GlyphShapes while preserving unscaled target position inclusive kerning. The demo also uses an enhanced smooth target arrival. Continue reading “GraphUI – Type Animation Update 1”

GraphUI – Type Animation at your Fingertips

And probably the last of the Graph Type Rendering and UI Saga, just for today 😉 Since I started to love Type Rendering, I need to show more than just processing text into a static Graph Region. The Type Animation use case was born, having Glyphs cached on the GPU and fiddling with their modelview matrix. Something unique regarding performance and it is the core principle of the whole little GraphUI + Graph Resolution Independent Curve Rendering itself. Continue reading “GraphUI – Type Animation at your Fingertips”

GraphUI – Easy to Use for your Desktop & Embedded Systems

Part of the Graph Type Rendering and UI Saga. After a few reviews & iterations cleaning up technical issues like bugs & performance, I couldn’t stop w/o simplifying the API itself. So here I will just describe the most simple UISeneDemo00 and will details others in upcoming blog entries including a rebuild API doc using Doxygen. Continue reading “GraphUI – Easy to Use for your Desktop & Embedded Systems”