We offer an independent unbiased viewpoint,
supplementing your expertise within any phase of your
project's life-cycle. We may also help succeeding your
project from inception to release - coast to coast.

A broad range of clients had been served, including
Duerkopp-Adler AG, IBM Frankfurt, Siemens AG Munich,
Lufthansa Airplus, Harman/Becker Automotive Systems,
Hella, ATI + AMD, Sun Microsystems (now Oracle),
Animoto, MathWorks, CCT International and Zafena.

Our decades long experience allows us to offer support
for the whole QA, Process & Lifecycle:

We are fluent in C, C++, Java, scripting languages & UML
beside others. Our expertise includes Compiler Construction,
Unix/Networking, Kernel driver, Bluetooth, OpenGL, GLSL,
Vulkan, OpenCL and much more.

We have worked on GNU/Linux, BSD, Darwin/OSX, Windows,
QNX and bare metal - Desktop, mobile & embedded devices
and a multitude of different design & developer tools.

Our latest project Direct-BT provides direct Bluetooth
programming, offering robust high-performance support for
embedded & desktop w/ zero overhead via C++ and Java.
It supports a fully event driven workflow from discovery to
GATT, using its platform agnostic implementation.
This effort is lead by us and Zafena, creating solutions
for connected medical devices like the POC-Workstation.
Göthel Software's most prominent project is JogAmp,
where we supports clients with their commercial projects
and manage the complete life-cycle: Latest Overview,
JavaOne 2008, Siggraph[2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014],
Fosdem[2013, 2014], Tegra-1 Video Demo.

Göthel Software e.K.
Goethestr. 1
27576 Bremerhaven

Trade Register Number: HRA 7316 BHV

Owner / CEO: Dr. rer. nat. Qun Göthel, qgothel [@] jausoft.com

R&D / CTO: Sven Göthel, sgothel [@] jausoft.com

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Some good spirits of the field ...
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If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants,
Sir Isaac Newton.