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dvdmenu.pl is a script which reads a config file describing the layout of a simple DVD. It then creates a menu with an entry for each title and displays the commands required to create the ISO image. The user then runs each command manually in another terminal window. A single command line argument is required, the name of the file which contains the layout of the DVD. This file is broken up into several sections: [global] TV standard, default font, background image, etc. [heading] Main heading above the menu. [subheading] Subheading below the main heading. [titles] Default offsets and font for the titles. [titleX] Text and one or more mpeg file for each title where X=1,2,3,etc. A commented sample.ini is included. A sample generated shell script dvdmenu_doit.sh is included. To use dvdmenu_make.sh, you have to edit its global declarations, just about 4, just to setup the directories well ! +++ dvdmenu_make.sh a new all in one DVD-V creation shell script usage: dvdmenu_make.sh MPEG-FILE [MPEG-FILE]* where each file is one title, OR dvdmenu_make.sh -t Title1_a Title1_b -t Title2_a Title2_b where each title consist outta many files, OR dvdmenu_make.sh -T TITLENAME Title1_a Title1_b -T TITLENAME Title2_a Title2_b where each title consist outta many files with the given TITLENAME, OR dvdmenu_make.sh -T TITLENAME Title1_a Title1_b -t Title2_a Title2_b -X Title3 Title4 mixed up, after -X each file is one title ... everything is generated automagically: - title-menu - audio-menu per title, if achannels > 1 - uses tcprobe (transcoder package) to count the achannels - uses tcprobe (transcoder package) to test audio type - the resulting DVD-V iso image .. if no TITLENAME is given, every title-list except -T, then the first mpegfile is taken and modified as follow: - strip all suffixes like: .vdr .mpg .vob .mpeg - strip the directory name - strip everything from '__' or '_[0-9]' till the end - replace: '_' -> ' ' '.' -> ' ' IMPORTANT: all files of one titleset must have the same audio/video format Example: sh ./dvdmenu_make.sh \ -T st.ent.1x01-02.Broken.Bow \ vobs/st.ent.1x01.BrokenBow_1_1.mpg \ vobs/st.ent.1x02.BrokenBow_2_1.mpg \ -t vobs/st.ent.1x00.intro.00_1.mpg -t vobs/st.ent.1x00.intro.01_1.mpg \ -X vobs/st.ent.1x00.ET-Tonite.mpg vobs/st.ent.1x00.advert.* number of titlesets 7 title set 0: st ent 1x01-02 Broken Bow: vobs/st.ent.1x01.BrokenBow_1_1.mpg vobs/st.ent.1x02.BrokenBow_2_1.mpg title set 1: st ent 1x00 intro 00: vobs/st.ent.1x00.intro.00_1.mpg title set 2: st ent 1x00 intro 01: vobs/st.ent.1x00.intro.01_1.mpg title set 3: st ent 1x00 ET-Tonite: vobs/st.ent.1x00.ET-Tonite.mpg title set 4: st ent 1x00 advert 01: vobs/st.ent.1x00.advert.01_1.mpg title set 5: st ent 1x00 advert blood1: vobs/st.ent.1x00.advert.blood1_1.mpg title set 6: st ent 1x00 advert blood2: vobs/st.ent.1x00.advert.blood2_1.mpg resulting image name: /video/repackmpeg2/vobs/st_ent_1x01-02_Broken_Bow.2003-10-04-2135.iso see the generated sample.ini and the 2nd generation dvdmenu_doit.sh these files are ntsc, where title 3 has 2 audio streams .., so an ntsc menu is created, plus one audio menu for title 3 ! +++