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This is the DVD plugin for the Video Disk Recorder (VDR). +++ Project's homepage: http://www.jausoft.com/Files/vdr/vdr-dvd/ sf.net's CVS Archive: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dvdplugin/ Written by: Andreas Schultz Original Author http://www.cs.uni-magdeburg.de/~aschultz/dvd/ Sven Goethel New Maintainer http://www.jausoft.com/Files/vdr/ Marco Schluessler - cvs team Miko Wohlgemuth - cvs team +++ See the file COPYING for license information. Requirements: ------------- vdr >= 1.3.19 http://cadsoft.de/vdr/, ftp://ftp.cadsoft.de/vdr/Developer/ libdvdcss >= 20030724 http://www.videolan.org/libdvdcss/download.html libdvdnav >= 0.1.10 http://dvd.sf.net a52dec >= 0.7.4 http://liba52.sourceforge.net/ The plugin has been tested with the following versions: libdvdcss: 20030724 (cvs) libdvdnav: 0.1.10 liba52: 0.7.4 +++ libdvdcss is optional, but required for playing CSS protected DVDs. The libraries should be installed into /usr/lib, e.g.: # ./configure --prefix=/usr # make # make install But be aware to check your countries law, for example, nowadays it is prohibited in europe to workaround a _copy_protection_ - so just don't copy ;-) Accessing the DVD drive: ------------------------ The plugin uses libdvdcss to access CSS protected DVDs. Older version on the library worked best with DVDCSS_METHODE set. Newer versions no longer require. Note that the user id under which VDR runs needs to have write access to the DVD device in order to replay CSS protected DVDs. By default VDR expects the DVD drive to be located at /dev/dvd (which typically is a symbolic link to the actual device, for instance /dev/hdc). You can use the '-C' option to overwrite this, as in vdr -P"dvd -C/media/dvd" Navigation in DVD mode: ----------------------- The following navigation keys are available in DVD mode: Key Function ------------------------------------------------------------- Red Goto position (enter time) Green 1 min. backward Yellow 1 min. forward Blue Goto title (enter title number) Back Stop Replay - Exit Ok toggle progess display (this will mess up any subtitles) Up, kPlay playback Down, kPause pauses playback Left/Right rewind/forward (fast if play mode, slow if pause mode) kFastRew/kFastFwd Audio select audio track 2 skip to next subtitle ( if "no subtitle" is reached, progress display on, if subtitle language code is prefixed with "forced-" (eg. 'forced-en') only forced subs will be shown ) 3 skip to next angle (skip copyright notice) 4 skip to previous chapter 6 skip to next chapter 7, kChanDn skip to previous title 9, kChanUp skip to next title 5 DvdNavigationForce ON / go to DVD Root menu (if progess display on) 8 go to DVD Title menu 0 go to DVD Audio menu (only avaiable if progess display off) In DVD-Menu: 2/8/4/6,5 DVD menu Up/Down/Left/Right, OK control's Left/Right/Up/Down OK also work when in menuspace Red Leave DvdNavigationForce Green skip to previous title Yellow skip to next title Goto title (enter title number) Notes: ======= if you use next/prev title, and you are e.g. jumping from title 3 to title 13, then this is not a bug, but a feature of the author of the current DVD ! so you can use Goto title, to manually check a specific one .. this way enables you to look at "hidden" titles ;-) HowTo play DVD games .. ------------------------ Assume you have a typical DVD game, so you need to enter/force DVD Navigation mode ! - Key 5 DvdNavigationForce ON (not if progess display on) - Key Red Leave DvdNavigationForce BUG: ==== if you have subtitles enabled by setup, or by key, the osd / progress display, may disappear, but believes it is still visible .. so just press OK one more time to make it hide for real.