NATO War Escalation & Palestinian Genocide

Officials across EU countries kicked off the narrative that peace shall not be taken for granted and we might enter the war. Then France’s Macron officially stated French troops may go into Ukraine to fight Russia. Then a leaked conference by German military officers appeared discussing an attack on Russia’s Crimea bridge with German cruise missiles, including training and intelligence. US Secretary of Defense, “If Ukraine falls, I really believe that NATO will be in a fight with Russia. Israel continues its atrocities against the Palestinians and other wars & preparations still continue. End the wars, avoid a nuclear catastrophe and stop the state sanctioned murder.
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Christ in the Rubble: A Liturgy of Lament

2023 Christmas Message by Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac
Dec 23, 2023

This Advent, while global Christians prepare to commemorate the arrival of the Prince of Peace, our Palestinian kin in Gaza suffer unthinkable violence. Their cries for deliverance, echoing those of two millennia ago, seem to be falling unheard in the United States. To see their pain and hear their cries, US Christians must move beyond information to transformation…from webinar to worship. Listen in on the live-streamed worship gathering guided by Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac and his team at Christmas Lutheran Church in Bethlehem on 23 December 2023. Central to this liturgy of lament is the prophetic message that if Jesus was born today, he would be born “under the rubble.” Continue reading “Christ in the Rubble: A Liturgy of Lament”


Tears in my heart, seeing the suffering for years over and over. Tears drying up, cracking the souls. Despair, hopelessness – tearing up humanity. People once praising peace & ending wars now campaign to incite more suffering & death. They encourage (if not plan) others to force their people to die on the battlefield. Constitutional laws against warmongering and for human-rights violated. Mass media glorifying violence, calling for revenge and dehumanize. Hatred, where only love could help, if ever desired.

Overwhelmed by the global events, we can only focus on our little life and surroundings. We shall not steal others’ belongings, harm others’ life. We shall not even harm others’ dignity and make for a horrible relationship in the first place. Perhaps time to pause and recapitulate to repair all the deeply broken relationships. Continue reading “Tears…”

Donbas: Minsk II Failed; Now Recognized & Protected by Russia

After the 2014 coup d’état in Ukraine, seven years of failure of the 2015 Minsk II agreement and further NATO expansion threats, Russia finally stepped in to recognize the Donbas Republics and guarantees their protection.

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Ein Unvorteilhafter und Unnatürlicher Umgang mit CV19

Ioannidis, Bhakdi, Wittkowski, Johan Giesecke, Wodarg  und viele anderen (Links hier und hier alle bookmarks) haben sich glücklicherweise kritisch über den gesamten SARS-COV-2 (CV19) Themenbereich mehrfach geäußert. Dies sowohl gegenüber der wissenschaftlichen Gemeinschaft, als aber auch gegenüber der allgemeinen Bevölkerung.

Dieser kleine Artikel, will lediglich versuchen die gesammelten Kern-Aussagen als auch die wohl bekannten Biologischen Grundlagen und Begrifflichkeiten in möglichst einfacher Sprache wiederzugeben.
Die Schlussfolgerung aus oben genannten wie hier wiedergegeben, gibt unsere Meinung wieder.
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2019-nCoV Wo laufen denn Sie?

Hier ist mein kleines Update meiner Buchführung, Lesezeichen-20210411.
(Ad-hoc Deutsche Version meines vorangegangenen Blogs.)

– 2021-04-12 Vorlage zur Anrufung des Familiengerichts nun auf Basis von Herrn Prestien vom 31.3.21.
– 2021-04-12 Vervollständigung der letzten Absätze.
– 2021-04-15 Eine nochmalige kurze Zusammenfassung hier in den Kommentaren.

Diese Lesezeichen Liste vom 2020-04-11 ist ziemlich exzessiv, unten findet Ihr ein paar ausgewählte Referenzen, welche die Gefährlichkeit (IFR) und die mangelnde Wirksamkeit & den Schaden der aktuellen Maßnahmen abdecken. John P.A. Ioannidis Studien sind IMHO die herausragendsten. Ich möchte auch Sucharit Bhakdi, Knut Wittkowski, Johan Giesecke, Wolfgang Wodarg et al. dafür danken, dass Sie das Thema aus einem wissenschaftlichen Blickwinkel behandeln, alle in obigen Lesezeichen in ‘Actors_Experts’ referenziert. Für die Behandlung des Themas aus juristischer und philosophisch/religiöser Sicht danke ich Hans-Christian Prestien und Eugen Drewermann..

Ich danke auch den vielen anderen Menschen, die sich um eine nüchterne, angstfreie wissenschaftliche Betrachtungsweise bemühen und einen Ausgleich zur hysterischen Programmierung schaffen. Zu viele, um sie hier zu nennen – in der Bookmark-Liste enthalten, Ihnen allen möchte Ich danken! Continue reading “2019-nCoV Wo laufen denn Sie?”

2019-nCoV Wo laufen denn Sie? Where are we?

Here is my little update of my record keeping, bookmarks-20210411.
(Link zur ad-hoc Deutschen Version.)

– 2021-04-12 Template to address the family court based on Mr. Prestien from 31.3.21.

Above bookmark list from 2020-04-11 is quite excessive, find below a few select references covering severity (IFR) and the lack of effectiveness & harm of current measures. John P.A. Ioannidis studies are the most outstanding IMHO. I also like to thank Sucharit Bhakdi, Knut Wittkowski, Johan Giesecke, Wolfgang Wodarg et al. for covering the issue from a scientific angle, all referenced in above bookmarks in ‘Actors_Experts’. From a legal child care and philosophical/religious angle, I like to thank Hans-Christian Prestien and Eugen Drewermann.

I also like to thank the many other people working hard to keep a sober attitude, angst free scientific approach, balancing the hysterical programming. Too many to name here – included in the bookmark list, I like to thank all of you!
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From Syria back to Libya, Lebanon, Iraq and .. Iran

Or how you should not start a new year …

Before the end of 2019, there where already some foreshadowing signs related to the protests in Iraq. Actually quite some protests and uproars were launched in multiple countries towards the end of 2019 – see Civil Unrest Is Erupting All Over The World, But Just Wait Until America Joins The Party… | Zero Hedge

While I focus more on closer events like the misery the U.S. and EU brought to Ukraine, Syria & the middle east, it should not get unnoticed that Christians are under severe attack in mostly ISIS or other Wahhabi extremists  ruled countries these days. Christians are even protected by Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and many other so called bad countries (by the west). As the birthplace of Christianity is the middle east, mostly around Syria and Lebanon – this might be quite related and very much under-reported. While the west was sponsoring the Wahhabi terrorism (White Helmets (another article), moderate-ISIS-rebels, ..) in an attempt to topple Assad and take over Syria, the west financed the murder of many Christians in this region as well. Syrian Christians are usually supporting the legitimate Syrian president – see how I have not used the word regime here? As the Syrian puzzle is about to be resolved, I would like to see how the actors can apologize for all these war crimes.

But let me get back to the point – the protests and how all this might have played a role to today’s situation.
We had France for some while, Hong Kong of course, Lebanon protests (at least the Lebanese PM w/ roots in Saudi Arabia resigned) and its link to the new Iraq protests (or U.S. led coup attempt) didn’t get unnoticed.

Now just before the U.S. did it, they heated up the situation with strikes against the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) which were founded and trained by Iran to stop and defeat the Islamic State (ISIS) when it occupied nearly a third of Iraq and Syria.

Hours later the U.S. has murdered Qassim Soleimani and related leaders and probably bystanders. They even tried to defame him, painting him a terrorist. Continue reading “From Syria back to Libya, Lebanon, Iraq and .. Iran”