You can download Sven Göthel's complete CV.

Sven Göthel possesses over 30 years of experience in software engineering and provides support for the entire QA, Process & Lifecycle, as well as in C, C++ and Java, including their cross platform application. Custom fields & languages are studied and applied on demand.

He enjoyed full-time employment at Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) and ATI (now AMD) at their headquarters, thereafter he continued working as a contractor. He served a broad range of companies, such as Zafena, Mathworks, Google, Harman/Becker, Siemens AG Munich and IBM Frankfurt.

Besides working on proprietary products, open source artifacts are released as well.

He has extensive knowledge in the embedded space, computer graphics & multimedia, compiler construction, networks & bluetooth, cryptography, driver development, algorithms and high performance solutions.
Systems he has worked with include GNU/Linux, BSD, Darwin/OSX, Windows, QNX, Android, iOS, Zephyr and bare-metal embedded devices via VxWorks, Keil, etc.

The most prominent project he works on is JogAmp, where he helps clients adopting JogAmp and implements commissioned features. Within JogAmp he also works on GraphUI, a cross-platform UI utilizing our own resolution-independent GPU curve renderer, suitable for desktop and embedded devices.
Presentations: Latest Blogs, JavaOne 2008, Tegra-1 Video Demo, Siggraph[2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014], Fosdem[2013, 2014].

Please find a few notes on some of his other latest projects:

Additionally Sven runs a little computer-science class, currently covering C++ basics, gfxbox2, hanoi, pacman and gentech, a genetic algorithm solver.

He utilizes a diverse set of tools to cover the project life-cycle:


Around 1981, Sven learned programming at the age of 13 on a TI-57, VIC-20, Commodore 64 (C64) and later Amiga 500 using Basic, 6502 & 68k assembly and C with the Lattice C Compiler. His early hacking on the C64 in 6510 assembly included copy-programs, an index database and notorious sound & graphics effects.
He also coded a working IRQ-based preemptive multitasking scheduler on the C64 for a never finished core wars programming-game variant as inspired in 1984 by A.K. Dewdney.
Until he could afford his own computer, a C64, he enjoyed involuntary pair programming in local department stores with kind minded. The latter had been a source of inspiration and allowed us to exchange information in the pre-internet age where pen & paper, tapes and floppy disks ruled.

He works as a contractor since taking up his engineering studies in 1991, interrupted during his employment at ATI & Sun. The self-employment led to postponing the graduation into 1998.

His experience in C++ dates back to 1993, where he started with Bjarne Stroustrup's Design and Evolution of C++. At first he used C++ in a CAD/CAM project including a DSL compiler for custom CNC programming. He utilizes g++ with sanitizer, valgrind, clang, clang-format, clang-tidy, and other tools for code validation performance analysis.

He learned Java from the beginning in 1996, initially used in a project for MVC business-logic separation and automated UI generation.

At ATI and AMD he lead the development of the Embedded Display OpenGL driver in 2005, where he managed & implemented various customer feature & performance requirements: Performance OpenGL extension, hardware overlay, asynchronous ReadPixel, GLSL/DMA texture transfers, page flip, VSync and multi DMA page locks.
He enhanced the driver performance about factor 2.5, targeting functional driver blocks like TLS, inlining, caching, dispatch table, stream copy, etc.

At Sun he lead the refactoring of the New Java Plug-In with JNLP support in 2007 and later demonstrated an AWT-less proof-of-concept Plugin 3, intended for a relaunch of Java on the desktop and mobile devices. He also contributed to a new experimental JavaFX platform, utilizing hardware accelerated rendering (OpenGL, OpenMax, ..). As a result, he added a platform independent windowing architecture with mobile and OpenGL profile support to JOGL, which later became part of the independent JogAmp project.

He holds a degree in electrical engineering with a focus on computer science, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) - Diplom Engineer, Applied Science - MASc equivalent, conferred upon him by the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, Germany in 1998.