Welcome to Göthel Software

We offer software engineering within any phase of your project. Our goal is the success of your project from inception to release.

Our decades long experience allows us to provide support for the entire QA, Process & Lifecycle, as well as in C, C++ and Java, including their cross platform application. Custom fields & languages are studied and applied on demand.

We have served a broad range of clients, such as Sun Microsystems (now Oracle), ATI & AMD - Zafena, Mathworks, Google, Harman/Becker, Siemens AG and IBM.

Besides working on proprietary products, open source artifacts are released as well.

We have extensive knowledge in the embedded space, computer graphics & multimedia, compiler construction, networks & bluetooth, cryptography, driver development, algorithms and high performance solutions.
Systems we have worked with include GNU/Linux, BSD, Darwin/OSX, Windows, QNX, Android, iOS, Zephyr and bare-metal embedded devices via VxWorks, Keil, etc.

The most prominent project is JogAmp, where we help clients adopting JogAmp and implement commissioned features. Within JogAmp we also work on GraphUI, a cross-platform UI utilizing our own resolution-independent GPU curve renderer, suitable for desktop and embedded devices.
Presentations: Latest Blogs, JavaOne 2008, Tegra-1 Video Demo, Siggraph[2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014], Fosdem[2013, 2014].

A few notes on some of our other latest projects:

Further we run a little computer-science class, currently covering C++ basics, gfxbox2, hanoi, pacman and gentech.

Qun & Sven Göthel

Some good spirits of the field ...
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