JogAmp iOS Arm64 Port: NEWT

JogAmp port to iOS, tested on ipad pro 11, arm64.
We use our own OpenJDK 9 x86_64 and arm64 build for the arm64 device and the x86_64 simulation.
The iOS port complements our wide range of supported platforms as demonstrated here.

This video demonstrates a working NEWT iOS port:

  • Mitigates FBO Depth Buffer iOS Quirk
  • Using GearsES2 demo
  • PixelScale 1f, 2f and 0f – last two using max pixel scale
  • Touch w/ GearsES2 works:
    • 1 finger rotate
    • 2 finger drag
    • 2 finger pinch-zoom
    • NEWT gesture detection (last two above)
  • Transparency (JogAmp logo in UIWindow behind NEWT window)

Git ios branches will be merged soon to master branch and promoted to all our git repos

  • GlueGen
  • Jogl

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We like to thank CCT International for having ordered the JogAmp port running on Apple’s iOS devices.