Full-Feature & High-Performance GraphUI GLMediaPlayer Video Player

Demonstrating new audio and subtitle selection and rendering as well as a performance demo w/ 348 GLMediaPlayer instance running in a GraphUI RangedGroup, having 16 and 36 instances being visible and displaying new decoded images. A little teaser for our Graph Type Rendering and UI saga. Continue reading “Full-Feature & High-Performance GraphUI GLMediaPlayer Video Player”

GraphUI Frustum Culling & Clipping in Modelview Space and more…

Resolving Bug 1487 in our Graph Type Rendering and UI saga, we can map GraphUI’s Group’s AABBox to a 8-point Cube, on which we perform the Modelview (Mv) transformation and then produce the 6-plane Frustum. The Group fully culls outside shapes and performs fragment clipping with same Frustum planes in the shader in case clipping has been enabled.

The more… in the title refers to new GraphUI Widgets used in the demo code.

Updated FontView01 video below with performance issues fixes, see Bug 1488, Bug 1489 and Bug 1490.

You may check the Graph and GraphUI related wiki page of ours. Continue reading “GraphUI Frustum Culling & Clipping in Modelview Space and more…”