NATO War Escalation & Palestinian Genocide

Officials across EU countries kicked off the narrative that peace shall not be taken for granted and we might enter the war. Then France’s Macron officially stated French troops may go into Ukraine to fight Russia. Then a leaked conference by German military officers appeared discussing an attack on Russia’s Crimea bridge with German cruise missiles, including training and intelligence. US Secretary of Defense, “If Ukraine falls, I really believe that NATO will be in a fight with Russia. Israel continues its atrocities against the Palestinians and other wars & preparations still continue. End the wars, avoid a nuclear catastrophe and stop the state sanctioned murder.

First of all – please consider reading my previous coverage here including the NATO/Russia related resources.  More than twenty-seven million Russians were murdered in World War II by Germany! All I desire is an end of the wars, no escalation and ending murdering and stealing. STOP THE WARS.

It is too much to list what happened in the last years, I don’t even try. Whether it be the planned attack on the nuclear facility taken by Russia from the Ukraine with support from UK/NATO (which gladly didn’t work out) .. or the other many atrocities like spreading toy alike small bombs in the Donbas region to harm civilians besides bombing them for almost 8 years since around 2014. It is all disgusting and we must ask all our leaders whether they are willing to return to god – abandoned for greed, pressure and whatnot. Just in case, all material is public information and already officially disseminated, just not by the so called aligned media machine on the front page. Just look at the current massacres against the Palestinians .. the western world is just watching. Blood on our hands!

And just for clarity, because I am pro-life, pro-freedom, against murder and for the people, peace and Jesus – it doesn’t imply that I automatically love all what the Russian (or any) government does or being against all Israeli people. That currently seems to be the propaganda here. Peace & Humanity!

2024-03-01 Update: Pentagon Chief: If Ukraine Is Defeated, NATO Will Be At War With Russia (archive, archive copy)

Peace could have been already established, last time in March 2022 – but it wasn’t accepted by the west!

German Officers discussing attack on Russia’s Crimea Bridge (occurred 2024-02-19, leaked 2024-03-01)

and I have to emphasize here that they mentioned F-35 infratructure in Büchel, as well as trying to avoid data transfers from this base directly to Ukraine for a good reason – see here (2+4 Treaty and now risking becoming a direct war party and inciting war from German soil etc).

—Büchel Air Base, Germany

Büchel Air Base (50.1762, 7.0640) hosts an estimated 10-15 US B61 nuclear bombs for delivery by German PA-200 Tornado aircraft.

A total of 11 protective aircraft shelters at Büchel Air Base are equipped with WS3s for nuclear weapons storage. Each WSV can hold up to four bombs, for a maximum base capacity of 44 weapons.

Prayers. I have to thank the people leaking this information, maybe a token to avoid the worst.

.. further about NATO already actively working in Ukraine, attacking Russia

Macron: Sending Troops into Ukraine fighting Russia (2024-02-29…)

.. and some pieces about Ukraine / Russia

So the consensus narrative and belated mainstream media admission is that Ukraine’s military is a mere months away from clear defeat, and the top US defense chief just said NATO will go to war with Russia “if Ukraine falls”.

The conflict has reached a dire and perilously unpredictable moment indeed, and clearly the already slim chances of jump-starting serious peace negotiations to end the war are slipping away fast. (ZeroHedge)

Memories .. 1961-01-17 Eisenhower’s Farewell Address and warning against the risk of a Military Industrial Complex (MIC) of vast proportions taking over (original full speech – remarks at 7min 33s, commented version here).

.. and while all this is boiling, Israel still follows through with their plan and genocide the Palestenians


Update: Germany sued in The Hague for complicity in genocide.

The truly puzzling thing is how they just can’t seem to learn. I’ve seen so many Germans on here write “we’re Germans, we know a thing or two about genocides and Gaza ain’t one.” As if Germans were somehow good at spotting genocides, instead of commiting them…

What Germans should retain from their history is that they’re actually predisposed to either 1) being blind to atrocities or 2) cheering along when they’re committed. As such when a suspected genocide is being committed somewhere, the right attitude should not be to immediately defend the alleged perpetrator but have the humbleness to recognize you’re really not the best judge in these matters… (Arnaud Bertrand)

.. and and and ..

Let’s also hope they finally free Julian Assange. Amen.