GraphUI MediaPlayer – Feature Complete

After showing our GLMediaPlayer & GraphUI MediaPlayer progress, I can now conclude this demonstration being feature complete with text/ASS & bitmap subtitles including international fallback-font (Asia etc), mouse-over time-code & still-images on the progress-slider, proper aspect-ratio cropping, chapter visibility & hopping as well as displaying full stream information. Another milestone in our Graph Type Rendering and UI saga. (Updated w/ impl. details at the bottom) Continue reading “GraphUI MediaPlayer – Feature Complete”

Full-Feature & High-Performance GraphUI GLMediaPlayer Video Player

Demonstrating new audio and subtitle selection and rendering as well as a performance demo w/ 348 GLMediaPlayer instance running in a GraphUI RangedGroup, having 16 and 36 instances being visible and displaying new decoded images. A little teaser for our Graph Type Rendering and UI saga. Continue reading “Full-Feature & High-Performance GraphUI GLMediaPlayer Video Player”

GraphUI Frustum Culling & Clipping in Modelview Space and more…

Resolving Bug 1487 in our Graph Type Rendering and UI saga, we can map GraphUI’s Group’s AABBox to a 8-point Cube, on which we perform the Modelview (Mv) transformation and then produce the 6-plane Frustum. The Group fully culls outside shapes and performs fragment clipping with same Frustum planes in the shader in case clipping has been enabled.

The more… in the title refers to new GraphUI Widgets used in the demo code.

Updated FontView01 video below with performance issues fixes, see Bug 1488, Bug 1489 and Bug 1490.

You may check the Graph and GraphUI related wiki page of ours. Continue reading “GraphUI Frustum Culling & Clipping in Modelview Space and more…”

GraphUI CSS Style Layout, Fonts & More ..

Continuing the Graph Type Rendering and UI saga with some functional updates. Here our new CSS alike Grid and Box Layout as well a glimpse into the migrated symbol fonts via our FontView01. You may also check our Bugzilla in regards to GraphUI or for the JOGL / Graph module as well as the easier to access wiki page of ours.

Continue reading “GraphUI CSS Style Layout, Fonts & More ..”

Graph Type Rendering Update 1

After releasing JogAmp 2.4.0 (see feature/buglist), it was time to tackle an outstanding issue once again: Type Rendering. Motivation was born again by finding the most interesting feature to use Java with JOGL on Desktop, Mobile and Embedded Devices. At least for my taste, I identified this to be Graph UI,  an immersive UI within the 3D scene including text and UI objects and user interaction. Continue reading “Graph Type Rendering Update 1”

Chase, Scatter and Phantoms – Sisyphus alike Ghost Fate

Earlier this year, we required a true distraction from the chaos of this world and a sad tragedy in our closer circle. What would have been more rewarding for a little recovery than indulging oneself with game theory, paying homage to Toru Iwatani‘s classic Puckman? Both my sons loved the idea and we added this work to our little cs-class. My older one was eager to learn how the math behind the ghosts works. Euclidian geometry, Pythagoras, points and vectors .. plus the strategy of choosing targets WoW! 😉 We completed the little fun endeavor using C++17 and the SDL2 library, resulting in a working nostalgic re-implementation.

At the bottom of this article I have placed a little video recording, partially demonstrating the results. Continue reading “Chase, Scatter and Phantoms – Sisyphus alike Ghost Fate”

TOP 2: Maßnahmen zur Bewältigung der Corona-Pandemie

Am 9.8.2021 wurde eine Beschlussvorlage der Deutschen Regierung fuer die Videoschaltkonferenz der Bundeskanzlerin mit den Regierungschefinnen und Regierungschefs der Länder am 10. August 2021 verbreitet.


Die PDF Kopien hier im Archiv

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Ein Unvorteilhafter und Unnatürlicher Umgang mit CV19

Ioannidis, Bhakdi, Wittkowski, Johan Giesecke, Wodarg  und viele anderen (Links hier und hier alle bookmarks) haben sich glücklicherweise kritisch über den gesamten SARS-COV-2 (CV19) Themenbereich mehrfach geäußert. Dies sowohl gegenüber der wissenschaftlichen Gemeinschaft, als aber auch gegenüber der allgemeinen Bevölkerung.

Dieser kleine Artikel, will lediglich versuchen die gesammelten Kern-Aussagen als auch die wohl bekannten Biologischen Grundlagen und Begrifflichkeiten in möglichst einfacher Sprache wiederzugeben.
Die Schlussfolgerung aus oben genannten wie hier wiedergegeben, gibt unsere Meinung wieder.
Status: Draft, wird noch vervollständigt & korrigiert. Qun Göthel & Sven Göthel. Continue reading “Ein Unvorteilhafter und Unnatürlicher Umgang mit CV19”