Fixing JogAmp’s Graph Delaunay Tessellation of Complex Non-Convex Shapes

After rendering our GraphUI MediaPlayer feature complete, also capable to use Chinese/CJK fallback fonts it was time for another round to fix our outstanding Graph Delaunay tessellation issues. Minimum goal was to at least have the Chinese/CJK fonts being readable – but gladly more has been achieved in the resolution for Bug 1501 as shown below. Continue reading “Fixing JogAmp’s Graph Delaunay Tessellation of Complex Non-Convex Shapes”

GraphUI MediaPlayer – Feature Complete

After showing our GLMediaPlayer & GraphUI MediaPlayer progress, I can now conclude this demonstration being feature complete with text/ASS & bitmap subtitles including international fallback-font (Asia etc), mouse-over time-code & still-images on the progress-slider, proper aspect-ratio cropping, chapter visibility & hopping as well as displaying full stream information. Another milestone in our Graph Type Rendering and UI saga. (Updated w/ impl. details at the bottom) Continue reading “GraphUI MediaPlayer – Feature Complete”

Full-Feature & High-Performance GraphUI GLMediaPlayer Video Player

Demonstrating new audio and subtitle selection and rendering as well as a performance demo w/ 348 GLMediaPlayer instance running in a GraphUI RangedGroup, having 16 and 36 instances being visible and displaying new decoded images. A little teaser for our Graph Type Rendering and UI saga. Continue reading “Full-Feature & High-Performance GraphUI GLMediaPlayer Video Player”

GraphUI Frustum Culling & Clipping in Modelview Space and more…

Resolving Bug 1487 in our Graph Type Rendering and UI saga, we can map GraphUI’s Group’s AABBox to a 8-point Cube, on which we perform the Modelview (Mv) transformation and then produce the 6-plane Frustum. The Group fully culls outside shapes and performs fragment clipping with same Frustum planes in the shader in case clipping has been enabled.

The more… in the title refers to new GraphUI Widgets used in the demo code.

Updated FontView01 video below with performance issues fixes, see Bug 1488, Bug 1489 and Bug 1490.

You may check the Graph and GraphUI related wiki page of ours. Continue reading “GraphUI Frustum Culling & Clipping in Modelview Space and more…”

GraphUI MediaButton Grid with Grouped Controls (GLMediaPlayer)

Resolving Bug 1472, enhance GLMediaPlayer’s AV Synchronization, I produced another demo for the Graph Type Rendering and UI saga exposing multiple GLMediaPlayer utilizing FFMpeg and our JOAL/OpenAL ALAudioSink with PTS accurate System Reference Clock (SCR). You may also check our Bugzilla in regards to GraphUI or for the JOGL / Graph module as well as the easier to access wiki page of ours. Update 2024-01-22: New MediaPlayer widget and UI.

Continue reading “GraphUI MediaButton Grid with Grouped Controls (GLMediaPlayer)”

GraphUI Type & Shape Animation at your Fingertips

Finished a little over the weekend animation work with AnimGroup (main commit), continuing the Graph Type Rendering and UI saga.

UISceneDemo03 demonstrates AnimGroup capabilities:

  • Two repetitive steady scrolling text lines. One text shorter than the line-width and one longer
  • One line of animated rectangles, rotating around their z-axis and accelerating towards their target
  • A text animation assembling one line of text, each glyph coming from a random 3D point moving to its destination all at once including rotation.
  • One line of text with sine wave animation flattening and accelerating towards its target

Continue reading “GraphUI Type & Shape Animation at your Fingertips”

JOAL/OpenAL + GraphUI: Spatial Sound in your UI & JogAmp v2.5.0 Notes

While working on JogAmp v2.5.0 release and updating supported MacOS versions as well as fixing Hi-DPI for AWT and NEWT, some love has been given to our OpenAL-Soft integration to JOAL and JOAL itself. JOAL’s git-repo about face as well as its project websites displays our bump to OpenAL-Soft v1.23.1 with listed audio-backends per platform. Synthesizers and utilizing spatial sound within our GraphUI were the next logical steps. Continue reading “JOAL/OpenAL + GraphUI: Spatial Sound in your UI & JogAmp v2.5.0 Notes”

GraphUI – Type Animation at your Fingertips

And probably the last of the Graph Type Rendering and UI Saga, just for today 😉 Since I started to love Type Rendering, I need to show more than just processing text into a static Graph Region. The Type Animation use case was born, having Glyphs cached on the GPU and fiddling with their modelview matrix. Something unique regarding performance and it is the core principle of the whole little GraphUI + Graph Resolution Independent Curve Rendering itself. Continue reading “GraphUI – Type Animation at your Fingertips”

GraphUI Enhanced Shape Interaction & MediaButton

Today I will add a few blog posts regarding updates in the Graph Type Rendering and UI Saga. This first one covers enhancements with user interaction. Earlier we used a scroll-wheel to translate the Shape in the Scene on its Z-axis. Now we can use a build-in 1-pointer drag-zoom, actually scaling the Shape.

Additionally, GLMediaPlayer has been enhanced to deliver a test-screen (texture image) until the stream delivers the first video packets. This allows using it at any state and removes earlier complications to code its status, i.e. whether the stream is available or not. This is used within GraphUI’s MediaButton, see video below. Continue reading “GraphUI Enhanced Shape Interaction & MediaButton”

JogAmp’s JOGL FFmpeg Binding Update

As already demonstrated in the previous Graph UI blog, the FFmpeg binding has been properly update, now supporting version 4, 5 and the development trunk 6. Version 4 is currently used in Debian 11 and version 5 in Debian 12. Each implemented version uses the current non-deprecated FFmpeg code-path. Continue reading “JogAmp’s JOGL FFmpeg Binding Update”