2019-nCoV Wo laufen denn Sie? Where are we?

Here is my little update of my record keeping, bookmarks-20210411.
(Link zur ad-hoc Deutschen Version.)

– 2021-04-12 Template to address the family court based on Mr. Prestien from 31.3.21.

Above bookmark list from 2020-04-11 is quite excessive, find below a few select references covering severity (IFR) and the lack of effectiveness & harm of current measures. John P.A. Ioannidis studies are the most outstanding IMHO. I also like to thank Sucharit Bhakdi, Knut Wittkowski, Johan Giesecke, Wolfgang Wodarg et al. for covering the issue from a scientific angle, all referenced in above bookmarks in ‘Actors_Experts’. From a legal child care and philosophical/religious angle, I like to thank Hans-Christian Prestien and Eugen Drewermann.

I also like to thank the many other people working hard to keep a sober attitude, angst free scientific approach, balancing the hysterical programming. Too many to name here – included in the bookmark list, I like to thank all of you!
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