Fixing JogAmp’s Graph Delaunay Tessellation of Complex Non-Convex Shapes

After rendering our GraphUI MediaPlayer feature complete, also capable to use Chinese/CJK fallback fonts it was time for another round to fix our outstanding Graph Delaunay tessellation issues. Minimum goal was to at least have the Chinese/CJK fonts being readable – but gladly more has been achieved in the resolution for Bug 1501 as shown below. Continue reading “Fixing JogAmp’s Graph Delaunay Tessellation of Complex Non-Convex Shapes”

GraphUI MediaPlayer – Feature Complete

After showing our GLMediaPlayer & GraphUI MediaPlayer progress, I can now conclude this demonstration being feature complete with text/ASS & bitmap subtitles including international fallback-font (Asia etc), mouse-over time-code & still-images on the progress-slider, proper aspect-ratio cropping, chapter visibility & hopping as well as displaying full stream information. Another milestone in our Graph Type Rendering and UI saga. (Updated w/ impl. details at the bottom) Continue reading “GraphUI MediaPlayer – Feature Complete”