Chase, Scatter and Phantoms – Sisyphus alike Ghost Fate

Earlier this year, we required a true distraction from the chaos of this world and a sad tragedy in our closer circle. What would have been more rewarding for a little recovery than indulging oneself with game theory, paying homage to Toru Iwatani‘s classic Puckman? Both my sons loved the idea and we added this work to our little cs-class. My older one was eager to learn how the math behind the ghosts works. Euclidian geometry, Pythagoras, points and vectors .. plus the strategy of choosing targets WoW! 😉 We completed the little fun endeavor using C++17 and the SDL2 library, resulting in a working nostalgic re-implementation.

At the bottom of this article I have placed a little video recording, partially demonstrating the results. Continue reading “Chase, Scatter and Phantoms – Sisyphus alike Ghost Fate”