Jogl/JogAmp RC6 Beta / Linux Armv7 Builds

Besides adding proper Mac OS X support (10.5.8 – 10.7.*, incl. OpenJDK7), OpenGL 4.2 and latest EGL, ES1 and ES2 extension updates and lot’s of stabilization’s, Xerxes RĂ„nby and myself worked on a proper Linux ARMv7 support. Both were able to test on Omap4 (Pandaboard ES), Tegra2 (AC100), where Xerxes also tested on other machines, […]

Bug Hunting on Android …

While fixing JOGL for Android, Rami and I are testing the code against the consumer devices: Asus Transformer, Android 3.2, NV Tegra2 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Android 3.1, NV Tegra2 Samsung Galaxy S2, Android 2.3, ARM Mali 400 MP Samsung Galaxy S1, Android 2.3, Omap 34xx