Direct-BT, Bluetooth Server and Client Programming in C++ and Java (Part 1)

This is the first article covering Direct-BT  using version 2.7.1 and may give you a little introduction into this project.

See Direct-BT C++ Implementation Details (Part 1) for some insight view.


Direct-BT provides direct Bluetooth LE and BREDR programming, offering robust high-performance support for embedded & desktop with zero overhead via C++ and Java.

It supports a fully event driven workflow from adapter management, device discovery to GATT programming, using its platform agnostic HCI, L2CAP, SMP and GATT protocol implementation.

Multiple Bluetooth adapter are handled, as well as multiple concurrent connections per adapter.

Peripheral server device programming is supported as well as the central client, which is also used for Java and C++ self unit testing across two or more Bluetooth adapter. Continue reading “Direct-BT, Bluetooth Server and Client Programming in C++ and Java (Part 1)”

JogAmp iOS Arm64 Port: First Visuals …

My favorite tagline from Niels Bohr, which I also have chosen for our Jenkins build & test server?

An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.

The OpenJDK build and GlueGen iOS bring-up had its own little challenges, now I walked through another bunch of Apple API wonders as provided by iOS. It surely is not my personal platform of choice by any means, but providing a true platform agnostic solution one cannot choose 😉

So after countless of further iOS obstacles, I finally got a first visual just now: Continue reading “JogAmp iOS Arm64 Port: First Visuals …”

Jogl/JogAmp RC6 Beta / Linux Armv7 Builds

Besides adding proper Mac OS X support (10.5.8 – 10.7.*, incl. OpenJDK7),
OpenGL 4.2 and latest EGL, ES1 and ES2 extension updates and lot’s of stabilization’s,
Xerxes Rånby and myself worked on a proper Linux ARMv7 support.
Both were able to test on Omap4 (Pandaboard ES), Tegra2 (AC100), where Xerxes also tested on other machines, eg. Nokia N9 MeeGo. Continue reading “Jogl/JogAmp RC6 Beta / Linux Armv7 Builds”