GraphUI MediaButton Grid with Grouped Controls (GLMediaPlayer)

Resolving Bug 1472, enhance GLMediaPlayer’s AV Synchronization, I produced another demo for the Graph Type Rendering and UI saga exposing multiple GLMediaPlayer utilizing FFMpeg and our JOAL/OpenAL ALAudioSink with PTS accurate System Reference Clock (SCR). You may also check our Bugzilla in regards to GraphUI or for the JOGL / Graph module as well as the easier to access wiki page of ours. Update 2024-01-22: New MediaPlayer widget and UI.

I may add a few notes later on, but here is the recorded demo video…

(Direct video URL, download and share – or just view at original resolution)


Update 2024-01-22: MediaPlayer became a widget to be used as a drop in solution and a more modern UI


And now .. the mandatory call for related project work, funding or otherwise.

All big & medium sized firms – as well other hybrid commercial projects, are strongly invited to contact me to discuss the next steps forward (if any). I would suggest to setup meetings with their stakeholders and discuss a plan forward. A one person full time compensation might be enough, two person support would be awesome. See How to pay professional maintainers. ^^ this is not directed to any hobby or small-biz entity using the project, but more so directed at whats left in the ethics department of the bigger corps & orgs :-/ Interestingly enough, it always were the small biz corps supporting this project the most! THANK YOU!