GraphUI MediaButton Grid with Grouped Controls (GLMediaPlayer)

Resolving Bug 1472, enhance GLMediaPlayer’s AV Synchronization, I produced another demo for the Graph Type Rendering and UI saga exposing multiple GLMediaPlayer utilizing FFMpeg and our JOAL/OpenAL ALAudioSink with PTS accurate System Reference Clock (SCR). You may also check our Bugzilla in regards to GraphUI or for the JOGL / Graph module as well as the easier to access wiki page of ours. Update 2024-01-22: New MediaPlayer widget and UI.

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JOAL/OpenAL + GraphUI: Spatial Sound in your UI & JogAmp v2.5.0 Notes

While working on JogAmp v2.5.0 release and updating supported MacOS versions as well as fixing Hi-DPI for AWT and NEWT, some love has been given to our OpenAL-Soft integration to JOAL and JOAL itself. JOAL’s git-repo about face as well as its project websites displays our bump to OpenAL-Soft v1.23.1 with listed audio-backends per platform. Synthesizers and utilizing spatial sound within our GraphUI were the next logical steps. Continue reading “JOAL/OpenAL + GraphUI: Spatial Sound in your UI & JogAmp v2.5.0 Notes”

Graph Type Rendering Update 3

Just another little update, the 3rd, see first update and the second one for progress.
Basically one bug within the TypecastRenderer has been fixed, transforming the Glyph into our OutlineShape. Furthermore it may produce Java code to be pasted in a test class to test remaining issues. Continue reading “Graph Type Rendering Update 3”

Graph Type Rendering Update 2

Since my last update, I changed the Type Rendering to produce OutlineShapes in font and resolution independent font em-size units instead of font-units to be divided by unitsPerEm earlier. The UI demos have also been updated and the following screenshots demonstrate Graph UIs potential of its immersive scene UI. Continue reading “Graph Type Rendering Update 2”

Graph Type Rendering Update 1

After releasing JogAmp 2.4.0 (see feature/buglist), it was time to tackle an outstanding issue once again: Type Rendering. Motivation was born again by finding the most interesting feature to use Java with JOGL on Desktop, Mobile and Embedded Devices. At least for my taste, I identified this to be Graph UI,  an immersive UI within the 3D scene including text and UI objects and user interaction. Continue reading “Graph Type Rendering Update 1”

Rational Expressions with frictionless Fractions and implemented Time

Natural numbers are defined as the sequence of numbers fully defined by their initial value, its successor and the successor of its successor and so forth. Despite the beauty of their intrinsic Dedekind–Peano axioms, they are also fully proven by induction.

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Direct-BT C++ Implementation Details (Part 1)

This is the first article covering Direct-BT‘s implementation details including jaulib.

See Direct-BT, Bluetooth Server and Client Programming in C++ and Java (Part 1) for a little introduction to Direct-BT.

Standard and Proprietary Communication Channels

As described, we were required to utilize the host Bluetooth implementation in the GNU/Linux kernel, i.e. BlueZ/Kernel directly without D-Bus to achieve best performance and access the native HCI, L2CAP/GATT and SMP communication channels directly. Continue reading “Direct-BT C++ Implementation Details (Part 1)”