GraphUI Enhanced Shape Interaction & MediaButton

Today I will add a few blog posts regarding updates in the Graph Type Rendering and UI Saga. This first one covers enhancements with user interaction. Earlier we used a scroll-wheel to translate the Shape in the Scene on its Z-axis. Now we can use a build-in 1-pointer drag-zoom, actually scaling the Shape.

Additionally, GLMediaPlayer has been enhanced to deliver a test-screen (texture image) until the stream delivers the first video packets. This allows using it at any state and removes earlier complications to code its status, i.e. whether the stream is available or not. This is used within GraphUI’s MediaButton, see video below. Continue reading “GraphUI Enhanced Shape Interaction & MediaButton”

Support our Open Source Work like JogAmp and Direct-BT …

After shamelessly almost agitating to check whether our work on the JogAmp project can be sustainable, trying to arouse interest and unprofessionally dropping a call on the project’s website itself, I also enabled the github sponsorship program. Direct-BT and other projects can be funded as well. Who knows, maybe this route to more visibility helps and if not, hopefully it also won’t hurt much either 🙂

Continue reading “Support our Open Source Work like JogAmp and Direct-BT …”

JogAmp’s JOGL FFmpeg Binding Update

As already demonstrated in the previous Graph UI blog, the FFmpeg binding has been properly update, now supporting version 4, 5 and the development trunk 6. Version 4 is currently used in Debian 11 and version 5 in Debian 12. Each implemented version uses the current non-deprecated FFmpeg code-path. Continue reading “JogAmp’s JOGL FFmpeg Binding Update”

Reimagine Java on Desktop & Bare-Metal Devices

The vision and reimagination is to unite forces and bring back Java UI on bare-metal embedded devices, mobile and desktop. In the lasts months and years, I have sadly seen companies revoking their commitment and trust in Java in regards to Human Machine Interface (HMI) or User Interface (UI) applications. Continue reading “Reimagine Java on Desktop & Bare-Metal Devices”

Spatial Partitioning on a Low Timebase or How to play Pong with 10 fps or Applied Path to Math

After going a bit through C++ basics with my older son, I dived into a Pacman homage to demonstrate basic Euclidian geometry. The whole game logic and details were covered in this blog. Of course, this was too big to digest in whole, so we pulled back and looked at a simple ball in freefall. Continue reading “Spatial Partitioning on a Low Timebase or How to play Pong with 10 fps or Applied Path to Math”

Graph Type Rendering Update 3

Just another little update, the 3rd, see first update and the second one for progress.
Basically one bug within the TypecastRenderer has been fixed, transforming the Glyph into our OutlineShape. Furthermore it may produce Java code to be pasted in a test class to test remaining issues. Continue reading “Graph Type Rendering Update 3”

Graph Type Rendering Update 2

Since my last update, I changed the Type Rendering to produce OutlineShapes in font and resolution independent font em-size units instead of font-units to be divided by unitsPerEm earlier. The UI demos have also been updated and the following screenshots demonstrate Graph UIs potential of its immersive scene UI. Continue reading “Graph Type Rendering Update 2”