GraphUI Enhanced Shape Interaction & MediaButton

Today I will add a few blog posts regarding updates in the Graph Type Rendering and UI Saga. This first one covers enhancements with user interaction. Earlier we used a scroll-wheel to translate the Shape in the Scene on its Z-axis. Now we can use a build-in 1-pointer drag-zoom, actually scaling the Shape.

Additionally, GLMediaPlayer has been enhanced to deliver a test-screen (texture image) until the stream delivers the first video packets. This allows using it at any state and removes earlier complications to code its status, i.e. whether the stream is available or not. This is used within GraphUI’s MediaButton, see video below.

The drag-zoom can be triggered pressing the 1st-pointer to 1/5th of either the bottom-left or bottom-right corner. Then drag it to make it smaller or bigger, actually scaling the shape. The scale factor ends in the modelview PMVMatrix used by Scene to draw the Shape.

As already mentioned above, the MediaButton is now also visible from the start showing a test-screen until the stream arrives via the internet. User may customize this using states, or we customize GLMediaPlayer in this regard.

And here is the video of the demo, which has been renamed to UISceneDemo20 – being part of the demo series UISceneDemo*.

(Direct video URL, download and share – or just view at original resolution)