GraphUI – Type Animation Update 1

The Graph Type Rendering and UI Saga continues. UISceneDemo03 update using the new GraphUI GlyphShape, handling string processing into a list of GlyphShapes while preserving unscaled target position inclusive kerning. The demo also uses an enhanced smooth target arrival.

One good thing about these demos is, they squeeze API versatility and test corner cases. The Shape’s setTransform(..) had to be fixed once again, i.e. preserving the scaled size on rotations, hence rotate after scale. Next-up might be a GlyphShape-String like Label, but with build-in easy to use animations instead of coded out like in this demo.

But enough writing, here is the flawless demo rendered using whole screen MSAA 4.


(Direct video URL, download and share – or just view at original resolution)

2 thoughts on “GraphUI – Type Animation Update 1”

  1. The launch screen with all 3 lines of text is created via a Label and its build-in layout, i.e. previously tested and proven perfect layout.

    Thereafter the animation starts and using single GlyphShapes and their final end-of-animation position matches the Label layout.

    The demo code produces screenshots for each stage.

  2. […] Working on Type Animation resolved some other issues in our API and enhanced its flexibility. Currently I change the Graph Font processing to optionally preserve the Glyphs for individual usage while also preserving the text layout like kerning. This is a work in progress, so if you see wrong kerning in the following video – you are correct. It will be resolved. (Perfect layout incl. kerning is already provided for a whole text region. Edit: Update with flawless layout available.) […]

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