Jogl OS X Port is Nigh :)

Since the mouse features were to easy to add and my Android vacation should take a bit longer, our OS X port was a good candidate to burn some hours I don’t have.

What should work for OS X by now:

  • NEWT Top-Level Windowing
  • NEWT Child Window w/ NEWT Parent
  • NEWT Child Window w/ AWT Parent
  • JOGL incl. shared context
  • NEWT works w/ AWT enabled JVM out of the box
  • Method to execute a Runnable on the MainThread
  • The new native Jar loading facility (Application, Applet, Webstart)

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JogAmp Deployment Enhancements: Automatic loading of native JARs (Applet/Application)

Currently implemented in modules GlueGen and JOGL. TODO: JOAL and JOCL.

jogamp-next points now to the signed beta build gluegen_410-joal_213-jogl_489-jocl_424-signed.

See how it (NApplet) works online on the new JOGL Applet Test page.

Without the need for using

  • our Applet-Launcher
  • the JNLP extension
  • setting up the native library folder for applications

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Oracle Gives up on Java3D (and JOGL) for RIA (Webstart and Applets)

I couldn’t resist to blog this here since I spontaneously spit coffee on my keyboard and ROTFL 🙂

Oracle Gives up on Java3D (and JOGL) for RIA (Webstart and Applets)

So after we have received quite some emails (some ignore) and even a bugreport about JOGL 1.1.1, which is no more working online and no more developed since .. errrrNovember 2009, Oracle finally made a statement deeply hidden in their support section.

Well, don’t worry, we are still up and running.

JOGL Website Updates & Docs

Beautified the JOGL Test Applet page and replaced the applet-tag with a object-embed mixed one.

Added a little a NEWT Overview writeup.

.. and fixed the html code a bit.

This just reminds me about previous code changes in regards to the Gears ES1 | ES2 test code.
Their common VBO code[v2.0-rc3] uses interleaved arrays,
which is now possible with our managed VBO util GLArrayDataServer.

JogAmp Release v2.0-rc3

v2.0-rc3 released ..

As described earlier, v2.0-rc3 follows the new FHS

Persistent URL

Currently linked to

Developer 7z Archives

JOGL Test Applets

JOGL-Demos Tests:

… time for the Linux/ARM & Android release 🙂

Cheers, Sven

JOGL Embedded Device Status (p1)

To perform the JogAmp embedded device development for our SIGGRAPH2011 BOF,
Rami and I setup up the following embedded devices:

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