JogAmp Release 2.3.0

Release 2.3.0 has been published: JogAmp Maven Repo Announcment / Discussion on JogAmp Forum The test applets. Overview of notable fixed bugs: JOGL: Bug 682 Relocating remaining* -> com.jogamp.opengl.* to relax probable license issue while bundling JOGL GlueGen Bug 1134: Enhancements for Bug 1135 This GlueGen enhancement renders it more than capable to add […]

JogAmp @ SIGGRAPH 2012

Dear Team & Users, it’s crunchtime .. JogAmp will have it’s annual BOF @ SIGGRAPH 2012. If you are around, we hope you have a chance to to attend and meet w/ us. Afterwards we may like to dine & wine together, if possible. JogAmp: 2D/3D & Multimedia Across Devices Tuesday, 7 August 3:30 pm […]

JogAmp Release v2.0-rc9 / Wiki ..

Today the v2.0-rc9 release has been notified w/ details.

Jogl/JogAmp Status Update ..

Last weeks the new video streaming feature GLMediaPlayer was added for Android and machines w/ Libav/FFmpeg pre-installed. We produced a presentation video showcasing JogAmp’s objectives: Jogl/JogAmp on the Web, Desktop and Mobile 2012 RC6 is now underway, I still have to add some supplied patches and walk through the buglist though. However, this time I […]

Jogl/JogAmp RC6 Beta / Linux Armv7 Builds

Besides adding proper Mac OS X support (10.5.8 – 10.7.*, incl. OpenJDK7), OpenGL 4.2 and latest EGL, ES1 and ES2 extension updates and lot’s of stabilization’s, Xerxes RĂ„nby and myself worked on a proper Linux ARMv7 support. Both were able to test on Omap4 (Pandaboard ES), Tegra2 (AC100), where Xerxes also tested on other machines, […]

JogAmp Release v2.0-rc4

After tons of bug fixes and Mac OS X, Solaris and Android platform support we finally have v2.0-rc4. Besides many important bug fixes this release supports Mac OS X 10.6.4 and 10.7. The Applet browser plugin is also enhanced and validated on all platforms for FF, Chrome, Safari and IE where supported.

Android Test APKs [201110080141utc]

Since we were not able to hook up the Android test machine to Jenkins to produce builds and a release, I thought it might be of interest to share my builds with whoever is interested. Just go to this test deployment folder:

JogAmp Deployment Enhancements: Automatic loading of native JARs (Applet/Application)

Currently implemented in modules GlueGen and JOGL. TODO: JOAL and JOCL. jogamp-next points now to the signed beta build gluegen_410-joal_213-jogl_489-jocl_424-signed. See how it (NApplet) works online on the new JOGL Applet Test page. Without the need for using our Applet-Launcher the JNLP extension setting up the native library folder for applications we automatically

JOGL Applet Security ..

You probably have read the latest news about WebGL security and Chrome’s native ‘applet’s’ security in general: