JogAmp Release v2.0-rc4

After tons of bug fixes and Mac OS X, Solaris and Android platform support
we finally have v2.0-rc4.

Besides many important bug fixes this release supports
Mac OS X 10.6.4 and 10.7.

The Applet browser plugin is also enhanced and validated
on all platforms for FF, Chrome, Safari and IE where supported.


We have to thank each other for our ongoing support,
bug reports, inspiration and pushing for results.

Thank you.


The following aliasing of URL location has been made,
ie. all are aligned to v2.0-rc4 for now.

  • v2.0-rc4 -> archive/rc/v2.0-rc4
  • jogamp-current -> v2.0-rc4
  • jogamp-next -> v2.0-rc4
  • webstart -> v2.0-rc4
  • webstart-next -> v2.0-rc4

Developer downloads at:

Git repositories have been tagged w/ v2.0-rc4.


Planned for RC5 so far:


  • Maven2 integration (I know .. a bit late it is already)
  • Mobile/Android autobuilds / release
  • More bugfixes
  • Update the graph package


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Cheers, Sven