JogAmp Deployment Enhancements: Automatic loading of native JARs (Applet/Application)

Currently implemented in modules GlueGen and JOGL. TODO: JOAL and JOCL.

jogamp-next points now to the signed beta build gluegen_410-joal_213-jogl_489-jocl_424-signed.

See how it (NApplet) works online on the new JOGL Applet Test page.

Without the need for using

  • our Applet-Launcher
  • the JNLP extension
  • setting up the native library folder for applications

we automatically

  • verify all it’s certificates (for non applications)
  • cache the JAR files native libraries
  • use the cached native libraries

As you can see in the documented html pages:

.. this simplifies the tag writing and removes the need to write your JNLP file.

The native JAR download mechanism still benefits from the applet’s
network cache mechanism, hence downloads the JAR only

  • if it doesn’t exist, or
  • if the server version is updated

Of course, this causes a network connection but surely not a big deal
and more correct. Users can still use the JNLP mechanism of course
using the JNLP tag:

  <update check="background" policy="always"/>

Applications don’t need to worry about the system dependent way
of dropping and publish the native lib folder anymore.
Applications also load the native JAR file and use their native libs,
just deploy all JARs in the same folder – done.

Git commits in this regard:
– GlueGen from f357a00e511f0049865392adecc4d042663da6e6 upto 609e649443f900116039cda7a1bc7c9359b0242f

– JOGL from ac358bd66878e63a370377d4c7f625ec5b1b9e31 upto 424a5ecbd7575eb39343638696c19cd617577912

This feature will be enabled in general for rc4 soon.

Please reply w/ your concerns and ideas etc,
so we can make this one work fine and secure for all.

Cheers, Sven