JogAmp 2.4.0 Release Feature Freeze & Complete

Note that all branches have been merged back into master.

General 2.4.0 Release Details

See wiki entry.

New Features of 2.4.0 Release Details

See wiki entry.


General Feature Overview

See wiki entry.

Next Steps

Now I work on bringing back all our Jenkins test notes again(!) and see to a working pre-release.

Then we have to figure out which of the remaining open bugs should be resolved before the official 2.4.0 release.

Commercial Support Requests

Commercial support requests are very welcome, allowing Göthel Software e.K., our little family shop, to continue supporting the project.

Whether your company desires

  • realization of new features or new platforms to be supported,
  • continuing maturity and bug fixes,
  • supporting you in adopting JogAmp and/or Java™’ish technology on Embedded/Mobile, Desktop or Cloud,
  • supporting your project and its QA, Process & Lifecycle in general

we would be glad to hear from you, as it will allow us to continue our endeavors enabling high performance (hardware) features across platforms & devices.

Fosdem 2013 wiki overview here.

Siggraph 2012 blog entry and wiki overview here.

iOS Platform Support with full NEWT Support