Android Test APKs [201110080141utc]

Since we were not able to hook up the Android test machine to Jenkins
to produce builds and a release, I thought it might be of interest to share my builds with
whoever is interested.

Just go to this test deployment folder:

Download all the APKs:

  1. gluegen-rt.apk
  2. jogl.all-android.apk
  3. jogl.test.apk

and install them via the ADB:

   adb install gluegen-rt.apk
   adb install jogl.all-android.apk
   adb install jogl.test.apk
   adb install

You can uninstall them as follows:

adb uninstall com.jogamp.common
adb uninstall
adb uninstall com.jogamp.opengl.test
adb uninstall

The APKs are currently just signed with a temporary key and debug is enabled.

Uninstalling them manually is required when you like to try to test a new version,
which will appear in the same parent folder under a different timestamp soon.

Please visit our forum at,
actual thread for this test release is,
and leave your comments there if you like, thank you.

The API in regards to Android is under review and will change
to make the experience more comfortable.

However, we already achieved to run a Java module on desktop as an application or applet
and on Android / Mobile w/o any change.
This is the main goal of porting JOGL on Android, no need for native code or rewriting your application.

Cheers, Sven