JOGL JSR-231 Maintenance Release

We are in the process of stabilizing and promote the new JSR-231 maintenance release JOGL, see

We will maintain the old JOGL variant under the version tag 1.x and the new one under 2.x, which development is in the SVN trunk.

OpenGL 1.5 – 3.0, OpenGL 3.1, OpenGL ES1.x and OpenGL 2.x profiles are supported.

The new API specification is available online.

Besides the traditional AWT Java Abstract Windowing Toolkit binding, the new JOGL architecture uses an abstract windowing toolkit binding specified with the new NativeWindow interface package. This allows users to bind any windowing interface to JOGL.

NEWT serves not only as an example of the abstraction, but also as a very simple, highly-available & high performance  implementation of the  new NativeWindow interface. It supports X11, OpenKode/EGL, MacOSX, Windows & AWT and features multithreading, fullscreen, multi-monitor and basic keyboard & mouse input.

4 thoughts on “JOGL JSR-231 Maintenance Release”

  1. cool. I hope after the spec is up2date again JavaFX RT or the JOGL jnlp extensions will be updated to load jogl from a shared server. Since loading the same lib twice is at least 1x to often 😉

  2. What about older versions than OpenGL 1.5? I use OpenGL 1.3, supporting only OpenGL 1.5 and later versions is not acceptable!

  3. The current JOGL2 spec is in WIP state.
    After double checking the GL version 1_4 and 1_5 additions,
    it looks like we do not require them for our internals,
    hence it shall work.
    The only reason I pushed the min. required GL version in JOGL2 is
    that we simply don’t have a GL implementation < 1.5 to test. As long you query / verify the extensions and available features, you shall be fine. BTW .. which platform do you use, which supports OpenGL 1.3 only ?

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