Reinstating Democracy in Foreign Policy


This article is of naive nature, a desperate writeup to partake in our democratic system
regarding our involvement in the world wars.

After WW2 war methodology (strategy and tactics) has changed
from direct confrontation to delegated proxy wars.

This article asks the German and European government
to put a stop on participating in non declared wars
in which we currently are involved, directly or by proxy!

This article asks to put a stop on the current ‘Foreign Intervention Policy’
and scale back to trade and diplomacy as we were until 1994[20].

One problem with proxy and non declared wars as well as with
non public foreign interventionism, is that they circumvent the democratic mechanisms.

Citizens are not able to build an informed judgment about foreign world policy
if governments are hiding their war activities and goals behind weapon supplies,
support of ‘activists’ and so called humanitarian missions.

Citizens are not able to exercise their democratic rights to delegate their power
if facts, missions and objectives are obscured.

If citizen suspect them being ‘played’ by their government,
they shall have the power to enforce an independent investigation to find the truth.

As the saying goes, “In war, the truth dies first”,
instigated undeclared proxy wars are a catalysts for the lies and suffer.

This article does not judge nor discuss the objectives of the war activities itself,
because such analysis is impossible due to their obscured nature!


As a German and hence EU citizen usually US issues shall not be of my concern,
i.e. the illegal war activities of the former and current US presidents, Bush and Obama[1].
However, since the US of A is the most visible driving power of (current) military events
and tight partner of Germany, the EU and NATO, it is not possible to leave her out of the equation.

The US constitution requires a declaration of war[2][3]
as a precondition to get involved in a war.
A declaration of war by the US can only be issued by congress if the US is attacked
or seriously threatened[2]. WW2 was the last declaration of war by the US[2].
For example it required Perl Harbor to be attacked by Japan (severely) to justify
a war declaration against them besides Germany and Italy[4].

The congressional paper[2] lists activities of war w/o such declaration.

Members of congress[6] ask for a constitutional declaration of war,
even mainstream intelligence agencies[5] favor such legal practice.

The declaration would allow US citizens and world public to see it’s
objectives, justification and feedback would be possible,
hence democratic rights could be exercised.
Such constitutional process would disable the US and it’s allies
to partake in covert proxy war activities[7][8].

Development in Syria makes clear that the so called ‘opposition forces’ (FSF)
are supported not only w/ weapons but fighters by Qatar and Saudi Arabia[9][10].
The latter is calling for ‘more’ help from the west[11] to support the FSF.

The Syrian development might bring some clues to what happened in Libya’s Benghazi[12]
involving the killing of US diplomat Stevens and Mr. Petraeus quitting his job as CIA head
before his Benghazi hearing[13]. It is at least rumored, that
Libya’s weapons were moved to Syria to support the FSF from diplomat Steven’s ‘post’.
The theory here is that the US is involved in a proxy war,
hence a ‘public’ military defense of Mr Steven’s post against the ‘Libya rebels’
and a later investigation could not be made public.

Germany, Europe, US and NATO

Back to 1999, where Germany participated in military actions outside of Germany
for the first time after WW2 without a declaration of war
but a NATO decision based on UN Resolution 1199[14].

These action lead to the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia[15]
which motives are seriously questioned[16].
It is claimed that instead of altruism and humanitarian help,
the sole purpose of the war was to ‘line-up’ Yugoslavia to follow our leads[16].
It is claimed in the same document, that no genocide of Kosovo-Albanians
has happened before the KLA has provoked the Serbs with attacks just to receive
the Serbian response which in turn will pull ‘the west’ into the conflict[16][17][18].
The latter may lead to the desired independent state, which it became[17].

KLA was trained and sponsored[18] by the usual parties[19]
and hence the thesis claims that the Yugoslavia NATO bombing was justified by just another instigated war by proxy.


Even though above facts and thesis are still disputed,
it allows me as a citizen to raise many concerns when being pulled into a conflict
based on so called ‘humanitarian aid’.

Such ‘humanitarian aid’, provided by military pretty much often results in killings,
since this is the purpose of using weapons on site. Forgive me for stating the obvious.

It seems that the people cannot be bothered with the true motives
and that governments won’t dare to disclose their intentions.
Both would be required in a democratic and constitutional declaration of war.


Originally Germany’s constitution (Art. 87a) constraints
her military role to be strictly defensive only.
However, in 1994 this was reinterpreted to allow defending Germany even at the ‘Hindu Kush’[20].

Such change in spirit is aligned w/ the new NATO doctrine
which changed since the cold war era from defending ourselves from communism
to secure essential resources[21] in the world[22].

Without that change of Germany’s defense interpretation,
she would not be able to comply w/ her role in Europe and NATO anymore.

Besides the mentioned NATO bombing of Yugoslavia,
it seems that Germany is quite active since then[23].

Germany isn’t even shy of the acquisition of questionable new customers
for her weapons[24].

Germany is not only selling and subsidizing submarines to Israel[25],
but also installing same submarines with nuclear missile launching capabilities[26].
This is not simply ‘your usual’ weapons sales operation,
but making Germany an accessory[27] of Israel’s foreign policy[28]
while violating the ‘Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Treaty’[28].

The purpose of nuclear missiles on submarines usually is to
response a devastating nuclear 1st strike, or being able to execute one.
Hence the reference to the ‘Samson Option’[30] in articles[27][28].

Don’t call me an anti-Semite now[31] for criticizing German and Israel policies.


After Turkey received some ‘fire’ from the Syrian border[32], Germany and Netherlands
sent anti missile weapons incl. troops to aide Turkey under the terms of NATO[33][34].

This action already pulls European NATO countries into the Syrian conflict,
since nobody could really claim that Turkey is under a serious threat from Syria.
Turkey’s motives in regards to the Syrian conflicts might be quite complicated
and not so straight forward[35].

Now the European Union prepares to get even further involved by directly aiding the
Syrian ‘opposition fighters’ (FSF) with military training[36].

Who has asked us the people of Europe to get involved in just another war?

Due to the lack of information, we the people cannot justify what is
going on in Syria, nor whether we shall get involved.

Events reflected by this article may raise enough concerns
for having a second thought.

It is highly unlikely that ‘the west’ has not enough information
for a well reasoned and justified decision,
taking all our surveillance technology and
military recon capabilities into account.

Participation in a war shall not be performed
by circumventing the people, our democratic process.
We need a ‘declaration of war’ before getting involved.
We need to ask the people first before putting a strain on all our conscience.

See ‘Summary’.

Sven Gothel