Brain Freeze or how the US tries to marry Shia Iran with Sunni Wahhabi Terrorists

Sadly neither Israel nor the US gave up on their war mongering. No, they intensified their narrative by blaming Iran to have attacked Japanese related oil ships while Japan’s Abe was visiting Iran’s Khamenei. You may find some images the US provides, claiming it proves Iran’s involvement – using manually attached mines. Noticeable the ship damage is above sea level.

Fast forwarding just a few days, today the US made Orwell’s Emmanuel Goldstein proud and Kafka probably couldn’t cry any louder being brain frozen while listening to the latest spin of an excuse to start a war with Iran. The NY times couldn’t wait to write about today’s US House party, spinning a Hook

.. because ..

Mr. Kaine, a member of the Armed Services and Foreign Relations Committees, declined to discuss details of classified briefings, but said senior administration officials had “talked about Iran providing safe haven to Al Qaeda.

And so it goes, the US’s new narrative aligns Shia Iran with Sunni Wahabi Terrorists, who they actually fight in Syria, helping the Syrian people. It is actually the west who supported (or still supports) the terrorists to weaken and destabilize Syria and the overall region. Call them Al Qaeda, Daesh, Al Nusra or maybe even White Helmets – whatever, they belong all to the very same group of paid terror actors. If this doesn’t make your brain freeze ..

Yes, this latest trick tries to free the legal way for the US to initiate a direct war with Iran using the 2001 A.U.M.F..

As the ex-CIA director now US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admitted: We lied, we cheated, we stole. Disinformation & distraction is a common tool for politics & wars, where the truth dies first. No news here. But this blatant attempt to align Iran with Al Qaeda only to get around a US constitutional declaration of war voted upon by their US congress, while being covered with the 2001 A.U.M.F. .. is the cherry on top of the icing on the bullshit cake.

PS Rant: Just to be clear, I am not fan of Iran’s leadership at all, neither like some of their fatwas, nor their other means to suppress freedom of speech within their own country.But comparing Iran’s almost non-existing (war) crimes with the western empire, Iran is more of an innocent young school boy. Maybe it is just that the Iranian government ruined the western ‘wet dream’ of controlling the middle east. First the US destroyed Iran’s democracy and installed the Schah and then he became more of a burden to their society than the religious fanatics motivated. Sounds a bit like Cuba & Venezuela? But never mind Iran’s suppression of speech, the west is stepping up censorship, utilizing hate speech laws and lately is even trying to internationally hunt down whistle blower or journalists. And those who sit in the glasshouse at least since WW2, having thrown the first stone twice against Japan, shouldn’t really be too concerned about a country like Iran who has earmarked nuclear weapons as Haram already. Iran even made a fatwa against production, stockpiling and use of nuclear weapons – now this is a fatwa I surely can agree upon. And bottom line, Iran is a sovereign country with some form of democracy. Not that I can vote for a political party I like here in Germany, for that matter – I only can vote for a not lying satire party here anyways. But for some reason, the exclusion of nuclear weapons by Iran never got to Israel’s current leader, who conveniently is a friend of Trump’s son in law‘s father. Such conflict of interest is quite mind blowing, but maybe not and explains a lot lately – like the Trump Heights, cough (Golan) .. cough (Jerusalem). And a US citizen better not dares to criticise these developments or even consider boycott Israel – it is forbidden as the first new law signed in 2018.

5 thoughts on “Brain Freeze or how the US tries to marry Shia Iran with Sunni Wahhabi Terrorists”

  1. Memories ..
    At least for me it is very clear who sits in the glass house and it is not Iran.

    And really, you won’t want those drone getting too close to you, now would you?

    And there is a long list of shame & violations for sure

  2. If the US follows Israel’s direction and gets into a direct conflict, it is the US adding another significant war crime to their long list.
    Being aware that the US is already in apology mode, i.e. trying to play the blame game between their leaders like Trump, Bolton, etc – it is the US leadership in the end and hence the US president who makes this final decision.
    And like Germany, the people of the US have to shoulder this, another burden on their list.

    I remember Ron Paul being ridiculed as one who might isolate the US by promising to not police the world. If the US step much further, I believe they might be just isolated perfectly. Adding the removal of the petrodollar, which is work in progress already by Russia, China and BIS the underlying economic red zone for a bad ending might be established.
    This would impact all of us and a hurt & dying lion is always a bad negotiation partner.
    Wesley Clark’s list would be almost fulfilled:

    The call is on the EU to show a strong backbone and forbid any such military strike or otherwise sanction the US.
    It is time the world starts to turn tables, an overdue WAKE UP call is more than required.

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