What is Direct-BT? Where is JogAmp 2.4.0?

What is Direct-BT?

I happily joined Xerxes’s call to enhance the
Bluetooth experience on embedded GNU/Linux for Zafena.

This ended up in a new Bluetooth LE (almost done) and BREDR (in progress)
C++-11 implementation named Direct-BT.

It exposes a modern Java binding to the refactored original TinyB.

Direct-BT provides direct Bluetooth LE and BREDR programming without intermediate layers targeting high-performance reliable Bluetooth support.

By having least system and userspace dependencies and no communication overhead, Direct-BT shall be suitable for embedded device configurations besides others.

Direct-BT supports a fully event driven workflow from discovery to GATT programming. AdapterStatusListener allows listening to adapter changes and device discovery and GATTCharacteristicListener to GATT indications and notifications.

Direct-BT may be utilized via its C++ API or via the refactored TinyB Java API.

And as it is with such new projects, they are quite demanding 🙂

Zafena generously released the project code into the public, we will add a bugzilla issue tracker there as well.
Additionally to the canonical git repository at Zafena, we have added a github repo for easier adoption and collaboration.

I like to express my special thanks and gratitude to Zafena, Xerxes & team for releasing this project under the MIT License (MIT) to the public.

Where is JogAmp 2.4.0?

Last year I added support for iOS for JogAmp and towards this year enabled JOGL on the metal for embedded systems using DRM/GBM.

We then merged and fixed some outstanding bugs regarding SWT, OSX and HiDPI and produced beta builds available as usual.

However, there are still some outstanding bugs for the 2.4.0 release.
As we have to prioritize our work for paying clients and JogAmp currently lacks of financial support after the demise of our previous long year sponsor, I had no time to resolve all these issues yet.

Regardless, it shall be completed when time allows within this year.

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