MEPs: Transition from Democracy to Tyranny

Cristian Terhes leads a group of elected member of the European Parliament (MEP) fighting for freedom and trying to defend our rights. On 2021-11-24 they held their 3rd press conference opposing mandatory digital certificates and any mandatory and forced governmental intervention into the people’s rights and physical integrity.

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MEP Group members so far

  • Cristian Terhes (Romania – ECR)
  • Stasys Jakeliūnas (Lituania – the Greens)
  • Mislav Kolakušić (Croatia – NI)
  • Ivan Vilibor Sinčić (Croatia – NI)
  • Francesca Donato (Italien, NI)
  • Christine Anderson (Deutschland, ID)
  • … and others


In conclusion my family and I welcome their effort and are thankful. It is rather rare these days to see politicians trying to keep the situation in balance.

Australia and even Austria are currently going full steam ahead disregarding their respective constitution, implementing mandates overruling people’s rights. Germany is not far behind.

They even go as far as to threatening people’s right

  • to freely and voluntarily reject a ‘medical treatment’ (the gene therapy)
  • to work and support themselves without complying to the mandates

At the time of typing, the angst factor is raised by a so called new CV19 mutation, potentially used to push for compliance to the known mandates. Compulsory gene-therapy is on top of the list, despite increasing data about their ineffectiveness and harm.

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