JOGL Project on Kenai ..

Just added a new project on Kenai for JOGL.

At least we shall maintain the FAQ and Wiki page, would be great.

The next thing would be to pull over the svn repository for gluegen, jogl and jogl-demos.
I personally would prefer using git from now on ..

Anybody likes to maintain jogl-utils ?

6 thoughts on “JOGL Project on Kenai ..”

  1. Good .. then it’s a word.
    If nobody else has a good argument against it, I will do so.

  2. I don’t see an answer there as to why should git be chosen for a _Sun_ sponsored project, given that all new projects at Sun (openjdk, solaris, javafx, countless others) all use hg, and apparently it’s good enough for them. If you look around you’ll find just as many “hg is better” than “git is better” articles.

    But now just to be able to work on jogl folks here at Sun will have to setup and maintain yet another scm. Oh well.

  3. Sorry Dmitri ..
    Yes, it is sponsored by Sun to some extend.
    However, this is not a criteria for our decision.
    *staging* is the buzzword in favor for git, but you are right,
    somehow the difference might be negligible. We choose git, because we *think* it’s better.
    Sure, we cannot please everybody ‘eh ? 🙂
    Sorry ..

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