JogAmp/JOGL @ SIGGRAPH2010 ..

This year we will be at SIGGRAPH2010 with our own little BOF Session:

3D & Multimedia Across Platforms and Devices Using JOGL
Tuesday, 27 July | 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM | Los Angeles Convention Center Room 507
This session discusses the features, contributions, and future of
OpenGL, OpenCL, and OpenMax across devices and OS
exposed on top of Java using the JogAmp open-source libraries.

Sven Gothel
sgothel (at)


Until then, we work hard to have at least the following platforms working stable:

  • linux-x86_64
  • linux-x86
  • window-x86_64
  • window-x86
  • macosx-x86_64
  • macosx-x86

utilizing deployment methods

  • Applet: applet-loader (fallback)
  • Applet: JNLP (where available)
  • Webstart: JNLP (where available)
  • Pre-Installed JARs (static last-resort (mobile))

where Applet shall work with

  • Firefox 3.x
  • IE x.y
  • Safari z.y

Further more a mobile device running JOGL on top of it shall be done, if time allows
and the ordered beagleboard, an OMAP 3530 device arrives.

Hope to see you there, if you are there 🙂

However, all our results will be visible as usual via

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  1. @Sylvestre: We have our own site now,, where you can also find the new SCM sites on either github or itself! This was mentioned in the post 🙂 JOGL on Kenai is no more, long live JOGL 🙂

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