… happens on a daily basis

This happens on a daily basis.

I couldn’t hold back referencing the above story I’ve seen while reading about the
WikiLeaks case Collateral Murder.

Like shown in the Brian De Palma movie Redacted,
it seems soldiers trying to perform their job are hardly prepared for it, or worse, are actually doing what they are trained for. Their lack of training, education and their demanding and careless superiors might be the reason and responsible elements, allowing these cruel violations of life. Of course, war itself, the decision of violent engagement are the main culprits here.

Surely I am not qualified to judge such incidents, no comparison of incidents/murder would make any sense,
since life is subjective and unique, which man has stolen – no matter how.

If we are not willing to end our military expansion efforts, maybe someone in the government may change the rules of engagement in favor for the civilians, so soldiers will get properly trained and take responsibility for all their actions. The latter would imply their right of conscientious objection, as established in Germany.

However – there is no such thing as a nice & clean war.