Jogamp Release Candidate 2.0 b3

It has been a long time, we know.
Lot’s of code changes and enhancements happened, even some minor
last minute API changes in favor of removing flying objects (temporary allocated ..),
ScreenMode change and more.

JogAmp Release Canditate 2.0 b3

You can try the jogl-demos page, utilizing the new promoted and signed build.

If you are not familiar with JogAmp’s versioning, repositories,
or if you want to send us a bug report, please read the following pages:

  Release Candidate

  Signed Release Candidate
      Promoted base_2_0/gluegen_3-jogl_3

  Current Aliases:
    jogamp-next -> archive/base_2_0/gluegen_3-jogl_3
    webstart -> webstart-next

Build Information:

Detailed Version Information:

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