JogAmp @ SIGGRAPH2011 ..

Once again, we will be at SIGGRAPH2011 with our own BOF Session:

JogAmp: 2D/3D & Multimedia Across Devices
Tuesday, 9 August | 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm | Probably: Vancouver Convention Centre
JogAmp provides JOGL (OpenGL), JOCL (OpenCL) across devices on top of Java.
Showcasing Resolution Independent Curve, Font and UI GPU Rendering on desktop and mobile (Android, etc).

Jogamp Community
sgothel (at)

Our goal is to

  • recapitulate last year progress and our directions
  • demonstrate JogAmp Modules (JOGL, JOCL, ..) on multiple devices, PC (Windows, Linux, ..) and Mobile (Android, Linux.
  • showcase our new resolution Independent Curve rendering, utilized for custom shapes, fonts and UI. We also like to discuss it’s usability and how to accomplish a complete UI toolkit
  • showcase user contributions and applications / use-cases

Hope to see you there, if you are on-site!

However, all our results will be visible as usual via