JOGL Embedded Device Status (p1)

To perform the JogAmp embedded device development for our SIGGRAPH2011 BOF,
Rami and I setup up the following embedded devices:

* The marked machines are currently being set up and didn’t make it to our SIGGRAPH2011 BOF

The above machines cover the variety of currently used mobile GNU/Linux derivatives,
and the following set of up-to-date hardware:

Since we already achieved cross-compilation and cross-junit-testing for GNU/Linux and Android/Linux,
soon we will be able to drop at least one of each OS representations into our Jenkins matrix.

GlueGen passed all junit tests on both platforms.

We could also demonstrate our infamous gears demo (es1) running on all above listed embedded platforms.

We will follow up w/ more details incl. videos after this weeks cleanup phase.
Until then the slides of our presentation will follow up as well – enhanced w/ screenshots.