JOGL Test Statistics (Linux, Windows and OS X)

To conclude my today series of blog entries, I thought it might be a good idea to show our automatic test statistics.

Here are the latest good and failed test charts for all platforms:

Test Stats 20111013 All

Test Stats 20111013 All - Errors Only

Test Stats 20111013 All - Failure Chart

And finally the progress on OS X with all tests included:

Test OS X 20111013 Overview

Test OS X 20111013 Count

Test OS X 20111013 Runtime

Besides adding running all unit tests to OSX, we also made sure that it’s performance is now equal to the other platforms, ie. around 4 minutes runtime for all tests.

But be aware that these features will be promoted to the next release RC4,
so you would need to wait or use the autobuilds, see Downloading the latest automatic build.