Double Framebuffered 1-Bit Graphics on a 12MHz 8-Bit CPU

I went through my old videos, making sure I have them all stored on local hard-drive and then came across this old sweet project of my friend Michael and myself from 2006.

Michael dared to wire this LED display to his 8-Bit 8032 Intel 12MHz controller, so I had to code a graphics driver from scratch. That was fun.

The animation made possible using a double framebuffer, rendering into the back buffer while the front buffer was serving the LED display using its line interrupt. As visible, performance was good enough to render some moving blocks 😉

Gladly we could use ANSI-C code, using the Small Device C Compiler (SDCC).

In the end it was just some boyish hacking done after New Year eve back then. Other projects we did earlier were a Chipcard and Flash read/write device and other ‘golden age’ toys 😉
Good times.